Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Final Conclusion - Best Actress 1980


Gena Rowlands (despite her great talent) is not able to save this trainwreck of a movie called Gloria, but at there are some short, but quite strong scenes that ingrained in my memory. I wasn't very disappointed to tell the truth (I knew what to expect), but it's painful to write so negatively about Gena.

This is a fantastic performance, which is extremely haunting and captivating. Mary is able to make Beth a breathing, understandable human being, for whom you really feel sorry. Thanks to Mary Tyler Moore, I was perfectly able to understand Beth's emotions and feelings.

Goldie gives a great and extremely hilarious performance in Private Benjamin, which might very well be her best work, though it's nothing for the ages. The most important thing is that I loved her and the character as well, and she entertained me so well. I loved her, that's it.

I was quite pleased by Sissy's performance in this movie. Sometimes I was so captivated by her, that I forgot that I was actually watching a movie. It's a really gripping, powerful performance, which is extremely subtle, but is full of layers, quiet emotions and brilliant singing.

This extremely controversial performance was so healing for me. I loved every moment of it, though I doubt that love is the right word for it. It really made me re-think if The Exorcist is my favorite performance of Ellen. Ellen in Ressurection is thought-provoking, harrowing and unforgettable.

So I can proudly announce
that my winner is...
Ellen Burstyn
Miracle worker :)

Final thoughts: Wow, this decision was not easy. For a while, I thought I would pick Ellen, because her performance was so unique, but I figured that Sissy's towering, enourmous performance is the one for the ages and Ellen falls into the Liza Minnelli/Diane Lane category. I LOVED Goldie and I really want to mention her, because if her movie was made in 1981 or 1975, she would be my pick, hands down. She's so utterly charming and I'm so happy that it found recognition. Some may not like that I ranked her above Mary, but that's it. Mary was fantastic as well, though this time she let me down a bit. Just like Ida Kaminska, but to a lesser extent. Gena was the weakest link in this otherwise great line-up: she suffered so much from that shitty movie she was in (one of the worst ones I have ever seen and its memory still haunts me). Anyway, some of the movies could have been contenders for the non-film awards: Resurrection for some spiritual, religous award and Gloria for the Nobel Prize for being the perfect medicine for insomnia (though it's quite bitter to swallow).

  • Ildikó Bánsági in Confidence *My Vote*
  • Jane Fonda in 9 to 5
  • Dolly Parton in 9 to 5 
  • Lily Tomlin in 9 to 5
  • Mari Kiss in Duty-Free Marriage 
I really look forward to the next year. I have wanted to do it for so long and there was a miracle and I can do it! YAY!
  • Do you want a glass of milk? ;)
What do YOU think? Any requests, thoughts, suggestions?


Louis Morgan said...

Good work as usual. I was quite close this time with the prediction this time.

The next year sounds like 1972 perhaps with money clue being for Cabaret, but it could be another.

Anonymous said...

Sissy is way too good to ignore :)

1941 is the next year.

Louis Morgan said...

Ah of course 1941 that milk clue was obvious.

Fritz said...

Great work and no surprise here!

Yes, 1941 is next!(is Greer Garson's movie online anywhere?)

Anonymous said...

Great, Sissy was perfect! Yes, it's definitely 1941: Milk: Suspicion; Money, I suppose it's for The Little Foxes. I've only seen these two and Bette is certainly ahead for me.

dinasztie said...

Yes, it's 1941. Blossoms in the Dust is online on Youtube. I'll give a link when I'm writing abouut Greer.