Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Final Conclusion - Best Actress 1984


So the much anticipated ranking is:

Sissy Spacek is just wasted in The River. Her character has no depth, very few juicy scenes and Sissy deserves so much more than this. It's not really her fault, it has more to do with the fact that the movie doesn't seem to care about her character and forces her into the background. While she shines in a few scenes, it's just not enough to make up for everything else (which is nothing). 

I can conclude that while Sally Field does nothing spectacular or really significant with her character, she still gives a proper and likeable performance as Edna in Places in the Heart. The screenplay and the movie is seriously working against her and she wasn't given enough opportunities to fight against it and maybe she didn't even have the strength as an actress in the first place. Still, her performance works just like Places in the Heart does: it relaxes you, entertains you. 

It may not be her strongest work, but Jessica's able to play with my heartstrings even with a limited screenplay and cheesy lines, thanks to her emotional intelligence and enormous talent. She's able to make a scene unforgettable with only one look or a few tears. She's able to make a lasting impression without huge breakdowns and screaming and her dedication for the film is indeed admirable.

Judy Davis gives a wonderful, unforgettable performance as Adela Quested. She staunchly keeps herself to her very own way and she never surrenders to the temptations of going the shorter, easier way just like the rest of the movie does. Although the movie doesn't give her much time or even credit (which is the reason why she doesn't leave you breathless like she does in Husbands and Wives), she's the one who leaves the strongest impression.
I can say that Vanessa is nothing short of fantastic  in The Bostonians. The screentime may not be on her side, she does a mighty fine job with her role, making her character a really inrtiguing and complex woman. Thanks to her beauty, radiant presence and fascinating personality, (just as Katharine Hepburn said) Vanessa is just a thrill to look at and listen to. An interesting, wonderful portrayal full of layers and mysteries.

 So I can proudly announce
that the winner is...
Vanessa Redgrave
The Bostonians
A very close one. :)

Final thoughts: Wow, it took ages to finish this year. I've already explained why, not going to do it once again. Anyway, this year was quite weak, but not as much as I expected. The winner was almost a coin toss,  though unfortunately it wasn't because of the embarassment of the riches. In the end, my winner was obvious #4 and #5 were easy. I don't want to waste much time on explaining why this year was that weak. I was just glad to see three movies that are quite hard to find and actually, this year was exciting as I had only seen Sally previously. :)

Omissions (I have one pick but I want to pick them all, they are so brilliant):
  • Mia Farrow in Broadway Danny Rose
  • Helena Ruzicková in Sun, Straw, Strawberry (undecided if she's supporting or leading)
  • Maggie Smith in A Private Function
  • Dorottya Udvaros - You bloody life! *MY PICK* 
The next year: 
  • I"ll be going on with my two postponed years. :) One of them you remember, one of them you may not.
What do you think? Any thoughts on your mind?


Louis Morgan said...

Great job as usual. These weaker years actually sometimes are the most interesting, since this year does not have a favorite. I look forward to your next year.

joe burns said...

We have the same winner, but I find this year incredibly weak. Davis and Lange are the best, I'd pick either of them.

YAY for 1988! One of the most interesting years in this category!

Fritz said...

Great job! :-)

I've seen all of them and I'm pretty certain about my winner. Maybe I'll do this year soon, too...

Can't wait for your next year!

Michael Patison said...

Good job getting through this very weak line-up. I agree with your #1 and am really indifferent toward all of the others.