Monday, July 30, 2012

The Next Year


So the nominees were:

  • Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth: The Golden Age
  • Julie Christie in Away from Her
  • Marion Cotillard in La vie en rose
  • Laura Linney in The Savages
  • Ellen Page in Juno
A great-looking year, which I was lucky to follow at the time. Marion was a surprise winner over Julie Christie, let's see if I she'll be a winner here as well or I pick another fantastic lady. :) 

What do you think? Who's your pick? What's your prediction for my ranking? :)


JC said...


1. Cotillard
2. Christie
3. Linney
4. Page
5. Blanchett

I happen to like Linney and Page a lot. Blanchett is okay, but her film is almost-sh*t. :P

mrripley said...

I think Blanchett's movie let's her down,Christie is subtly moving and really gets into the physical degredation in the part,Page's dialogue lets her down too cool and makes her sopund unbelievable at times but she does create a gr8 character,Cotillard is the winner esp and in the old scenes like Streep in The iron lady she is phenomenal,Linney finds just the right balance of humour an dsadness and has a gr8 rapport with Hoffman.

I was upset Jolie and Knightley were missed off.

Nues20 said...

SO happy you're doing this year.

1. Cottillard
2. Christie
3. Linney
4. Page
5. Blanchet

Louis Morgan said...

1. Cotillard
2. Christie
3. Linney
4. Blanchett
5. Page

Fritz said...

Marion and nobody else! :-)

Alex in Movieland said...

I think JC is right, that will be your ranking. I agree you'll pick: Marion / Julie / Linney / Page / Cate.

which also happens to be MY personal ranking.

Michael Patison said...

I'm gonna go:
1. Cotillard (absolutely brilliant)
2. Christie (only slightly less brilliant)
3. Linney (haven't seen but I've heard really good things)
4. Page (I love this movie, unlike many, but I'll have to watch it again to see if I think her performance, which I remember being really great, is more a product of what she was given)
5. Blanchett (not as good as in the first Elizabeth, but still pretty good, although the movie was a piece of shit)

Jaime said...

My predictions:

1 Marion
2 Julie
3 Ellen
4 Laura
5 Cate


joe burns said...

YES!!!!!!!! I think Marion will win easily!!!

1. Marion
3. Julie
4. Ellen
5. Cate

Anonymous said...

This is almost as obvious as Leigh in ASND in my opinion, Cotillard was absolutely perfect!! Unbelievable performance. Christie is close but not really that much!

Anonymous said...

Finally a year I feel I can comment on, lol. I've seen all 5 performances and Cotillard is the clear winner for me.

I like Page more than most, and Linney and Christie are both just okay for me. Blanchett has her flaws, but isn't as awful as some make her out to be.

My ranking: Cotillard / Page / Christie / Linney / Blanchett

Prediction: Cotillard / Linney / Christie / Blanchett / Page

Though I hope you like Ellen more than I think you will. :)

dinasztie said...

Isn't it crazy that Marion has turned out to be an obvious winner even though at the time she was the dark horse and everbody predicted Christie? :)

Andre Lepaun said...

Well the reason I think Cotillard was the dark horse at the time was because her performance is a foreign language one. Not that it takes away from her performance but from what I remember there have only been three actresses who have one for foreign language performances. Anyway, my predictions are:
5. Page
4. Blanchett
3. Linney
2. Christie
1. Cotillard

dinasztie said...

Andre Lepaun: That might have been a reason, but Christie actually got the majority of awards.