Friday, November 16, 2012

The Final Conclusion - Best Actress 1979


So the much anticipated ranking is:

I cannot conclude that Marsha turns in some really special work in Chapter Two, her performance adds some life to the movie and prevent it from becoming a cure for chronic insomnia. Her luminous, interesting presence and impeccable delivery make you go on with the movie. Still she's not able to pull off the harder, more emotional scenes.

 Jill Clayburgh gives a really charming, likeable performance in Starting Over, that really is much better than the film it's in. She  creates a very human character that seems very easy to relate to. Although her chemistry with Burt Reynolds is not perfect, the most important thing is that Jill is able to tell you why Phil fell in love with Marilyn. Very enjoyable lightweight work. 

Bette Midler's performance is a real emotional roller coaster that's outstanding in every possible way and does so seeming natural all the time. She's everything that people like to see on screen, she indeed sings, dances and dies. I could mention her loud breakdowns, her amazing singing or her tender moments with Frederick Forrest, it wouldn't describe properly how fantastic she is.
Jane Fonda is nothing short of amazing in The China Syndrome. What could seem to be one of her least passionate performances is in fact one of the most mysterious and layered ones she's ever given. As usual, she commands every scene as well as develops her character beautifully, adding new layers and dimensions to her in every minute. Jane so wonderously portrays Kimberly's awakening and development as a person that you just marvel at every little detail in this performance.

Sally Field is perfect as Norma Rae. She developed this character with great care and expertise and you just constanly feel how much compassion she has for this woman. Every single scene, every single monologue of hers is exceptionally done by her, making it especially difficult not to fall in love with her and the character. A deeply affecting, wonderful, unforgettable performance, the true highlight of a great actress' career. 
So I can proudly announce
that the winner is...
Sally Field
Norma Rae
You got what you wanted Sally. :)

Final thoughts: What a year! Three truly knockout performances that will be really high in my ranking. No matter how strict I tried to be, the work of these three women was just unbelievable. Sally won this for me rather easily though I'm really sad that I can't say goodbye to Jane with another win. In the end, I narrowed it down to the two of them, Bette fell behind a bit (I love her and would be my pick in many other years). Jill and especially Marsha were far behind these amazing ladies, but I found many things to be respected and loved in there respective performances. Overall, a wonderfully interesting year, which is right up there with the best (1989 is still my favorite, though, for whatever reason, 1979 is very close). 

If you think that Jane won't get a special tribute after this, something's seriously wrong with you. :) She'll get it from me.

  • Vera Pap in Angi, Vera *My pick* (in a tie with Sally)
About the next year: I'll get to do a year from a decade I rarely cover, let's leave it there. Let's say that this is the very first Oscar year that Jane Fonda took part in (even if it was a small one) :)). I can't part with her, sorry. 

What do you think? Any thoughts on your mind?


Louis Morgan said...

Not too surprising of an outcome as Field's win is usually a supported one. My best guess for the next year would be 1938.

joe burns said...

It's all about the 9 years! And glad that Sally won, Jane is great, but she is honored too much by you!!

I guess the 30's is a decade harldy any of us cover!!

BTW, what is your thoughts about THIS year?

Fritz said...

Great work as always! :)

And yes, 1938 will be totally next!

dinasztie said...

Joe: I spread the wealth, but ultimately Sally was an obvious decision. :)

And on this year: I suppose I have to say Jennifer Lawrence will easily win her first Oscar. I've only seen Emmanuelle Riva's performance, which, in my opinion, should be a winner, hands down. I'm terrified that she's not even nominated. Marion is campaigning so heavily and it's kinda doubtful that both of them can make it, but let's hope so (that movie's available for me, too so I'm gonna watch her soon). I think Jessica Chastain could gain enough momentum to win the Oscar, but we haven't seen her. Quvenzhané Wallis is probably in, they are praising that movie so much. But the SAG snub (and IMO, Globe, too) won't really help her case. I really hope this is the top 5, but if one of the French ladies misses out (which will probably happen), it's probably Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley or Naomi Watts.

Alex in Movieland said...

whaaat. The Divine Miss M is shouting: Betrayal!! :D

anyway, I'll have to see Norma Rae myself at one point.

dinasztie said...

I never betrayed Bette, I was never a fan. :) She's 3rd because the two other ladies accomplished (for me) what she did with less showy material. :) Anyway, Bette was wonderful in The Rose. :)))

Anonymous said...

In 4th place you mentioned "Jill Clayburgh in An Unmarried Woman" I'm sure you meant "Starting Over"