Monday, March 8, 2010


The shows: My fears did not come true, but this show was... boring and it had awful timing. I mean presenting the lead categories took at least 20 minutes. About that horror tribute: I think it was great, except for including New Moon it was very good and I liked it. Somehow we went back 25 years in time and they say the winner is... again. The Oscar goes to was better and so much more full of suspense IMO, but I guess they wanted to emphasise that this is a competition. (they used to want to do the contrary).

The winners: Now I was satisfied with almost all of them. The Hurt Locker's sweep made me incredibly happy and it's so great that the backlash did not affect its chances, thank God. And of course history was made as Kathryn Bigelow won her well-deserved directing Oscar.
And finally, my favorite nominee also received his first Oscar after waiting 38 years (yeah, Jeff Bridges). I think when Michelle Pfeiffer was talking about him, Baker Boys' fans had an orgasm XD. But he was really great.
Now surprise in the supporting categories: Mo'Nique and Christoph Waltz received their first award adn deservedly so (yes, Waltz deserved it, whatever).
And Sandra Bullock. In the last moment I said hell, let her win who cares, she's never gonna be even nominated so whatever. She did win and stole Meryl's and Gabby's Oscar, but at least she delivered probably the best speech of the evening. I still like her, but this really wasn't the best female performance of the year. And the standing ovation was WAY TOO MUCH! But they seemed to be happy for her. It's gonna be hard to give her a ranking.
And Avatar won "only" 3 awards, but those were deserved. But something that was definitely not the best decision: the win of the screenplay of Precious. Up in the Air should have won that one in my opinion.

So overall, good winners, disappointing show.

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joe burns said...

I agree, the show wasn't that good, but all of the winners were good, except for Sandra Bullock. I also think that Up In The Air should have won, but I don't mind Precious winning.