Saturday, March 6, 2010

Should win/Will win

I couldn't wait, so I'm gonna post it right now. So I reveal my picks in the top categories and add some comments when I feel like doing so. So here we go (hell I can't CAN'T CAN'T WAIT):

Best Picture:
Will win: The Hurt Locker
Should win: The Hurt Locker, which is IMO the best movie I've seen in the last three years. I hope that the sudden backlash against it won't hurt its chances significantly (I bet Harvey Weinstein or James Cameron is behind it).

Best Director:
Will win: Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker
Should win: Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker, because I'm not rooting for her because she would be the first woman to win this one, but because she deserves it more than anyone.

Best Actor:
Will win: Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart
Should win: Jeff Bridges, because 1) he gave the best performance of the year, 2) and he's one of the best actors not recognised yet and 3) and he's Jeff Bridges.

Best Actress:
Will win: Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side (people say, not me I'm in denial)
Should win: Gabourey Sidibe for Precious or Meryl Streep for Julie and Julia, because both of them were amazing, excellent performances, which excellently mixed humor and drama. I don't know why (maybe because of the 2 Razzie wins for Bullock HAHA), but I think either of them is likely to pull of a much-deserved upset in this race which is much tighter than one would think and clearly the most exciting one this year (I'm smelling a Gabby upset, she might win like Tilda did, but it would be nice to see Streep's third win).

Best Supporting Actor:
Will win: Christoph Waltz
Should win: Haven't seen enough of them to decide, but I had a thought Woody Harrelson winning. Wishful thinking?

Best Supporting Actress
Will win: Mo'Nique in Precious
Should win: see the previous post to fin out who andy why :-)

Best Original Screenplay
Will win: The Hurt Locker
Should win: The Hurt Locker or Up. Many say Basterds will get it, but it's only possible if it gets Best Picture IMO. It might win it after all considering its popularity, but THL has WGA, which is a great indicator and they LOVE independent films in the screenplay categories.

Best Adapted Screenplay
Will win/Should Win: Up in the Air. This is its only chance to win and it will happen deservedly, so go on Mr. Reitman win this one.

Best Animated Feature
Will and should win: Up. It's not nearly as brilliant and magnificent as Wall-E was, but it's still awesome and the first 10 minutes are heartbreaking.

I also wanted to do Best Foreign Language Picture, but after I haven't seen enough of those nominees (zero, to tell the truth).
And about the will win section: these are not official predictions (because I keep them), these are just opinions about who we can expect to win. (I have pretty wild predictions, though, but I'm not gonna tell what I saw in my chrystal ball LOLXD)

The show: I have gigantic fears of the "So You Think You Can Dance" Oscars, but I guess I will just try to enjoy it and root for my faves Jeff, Kathryn, Mo, Gabby and Meryl.

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joe burns said...

I agree with all of your predictions, except I think that Inglorious Bastards will win Best Original Screenplay.