Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oscar-less actors

Now write some famous Oscar-less actors who can still win, but should have won earlier or I just like them. But I want your collaboration too! :-)
I would like you (no pressure) to say in your comments who you want to win the most, who you think will get it first.
So my names:

1) Glenn Close (should have won for: Dangerous Liaisons)
Will she win? I think yes and I'm even saying for Albert Nobbs.

2) Leonardo DiCaprio (should have won for: The Aviator)
Will he win? I think yes for the Sinatra movie or the Hoover movie, but unfortunately not for Shutter Island. (even though he was worthy)

3) Julianne Moore (should have won for: Boogie Nights)
Will she win? I guess yes, not next year but for Boone's Lick. It's based on a Larry McMurthy novel (they love'em).

4) Laura Linney
Will she win? Well, it's a tough question. If she does it will definitely be in supporting.

5) Michelle Pfeiffer
Will she win? She has no movies planned and her big fame is over now, so at the moment it does not seem real.

6) Meryl Streep (should have won for: Silkwood, Doubt, Adaptation maybe Julie & Julia)
Will she win? I hope so and yeah, she has two, but it's so OFFENSIVE. I want that damn third!

7) Ralph Fieness (should have won for: Schindler's List)
Will he win? I'm not so sure, perhaps for a supporting role.

8) Brenda Blethyn (should have won for: Secrets and Lies)
Will she win? No, I don't think so, but I keep hoping.

9) Tom Wilkinson (should have won for: In the Bedroom)
Will he win? I think he has a chance with a great a supporting role.

10)Jeff Bridges
Wait! He has just won! :-) YEAH!


joe burns said...

Oh, Laura Linney and Julianne Moore. Moore should have won for Boogie Nights and Far From Heaven. I think Laura Linney should have won for The Savages and maybe for You Can Count On Me. And Meryl does deserve a third! And I'm just wondering, is Anne Hathaway your second choice in 2008? Or is Leo still your 2nd choice?

dinasztie said...

I actually had the temptation to give that to her at the time, but I wasn't confident. But Meryl will always remain my pick and Leo is my second. Laura Linney is actually a bit overrated in The Savages IMO.

joe burns said...

I think she actually is underrated, since so many back Cotillard, Page, or even Christie for the win, and nobody thinks that Linney deserved it. But I do! But to each his own. Is it possible for you to do a 2009 Best Actress smackdown?

joe burns said...

And please comment on my 2002 post!

Sage Slowdive said...

The thing is half of these weren't deserving in there years, at least for me.

Here's where I'd give these people wins:

04 - Leo Dicaprio
02 - Julianne Moore (supporting)
97 - Julianne Moore
01 - Tom Wilkinson
96 - Brenda Blyth

As much as Meryl has been nominated, she's never been my pick besides her wins in 79 and 82.

joe burns said...

Here's a link to Far From Heaven:

Twister said...

Also, Richard Burton who NEVER won!


dinasztie said...

I was talking about those who can win and Burton obviously CAN'T win.

jack said...

its good to see dicaprio getting a mention at awards season, as his choice in films seems to be getting better and better. i definitely agree that it was a worthy performance in shutter island, but im interested to see what people make of him in that and inception here