Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another experiment

As I'm moving along with the Best Supporting Actor reviews, I'm trying something else to see who it is to do this thing that everyone else those, but I haven't started it.

So now, it's my pleasure to announce that I'm going to do my very first Best Actress Profiles and let's get stylish my first year is going to be this year.

So Best Actress profile #1 and the year is 2009.

The nominees were:
• Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side
• Helen Mirren in The Last Station
• Carey Mulligan in An Education
• Gabourey Sidibe in Precious
• Meryl Streep in Julie and Julia

My first reviewed lady will be Helen Mirren, but after her you tell me in your comments who should be next.

So who will be my pick? Who do YOU want to win?


joe burns said...

I think it's between Gabby and Meryl. But I hope you pick Carey! Can Sandra after Helen?

Louis Morgan said...

I'd pick Mulligan but Sidibe is good too.

dinasztie said...

OK, the second will be Sandra. And about my pick: anything can happen and even more.