Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Final Conclusion - Best Actress 1974


5. Valerie Perrine in Lenny
I can say that I saw a very-very good performance, which might be more of supporting, but has such a huge effect on you with it's emotional honesty and naturality that you are certainly amazed. Memorable work, worthy of a nomination and deserving of a good rating.

4. Diahann Carroll in Claudine
Although the heavy drama was missing and her material was not the best one ever, Diahann was fantastically real as a struggling woman in Harlem. This nomination was richly deserved and in a weaker year, it could have earned Carroll a deserved Oscar win.

3. Faye Dunaway in Chinatown
Faye Dunaway's performance is one of the key elements in making Chinatown the chilling, harrowing masterpiece that it really is. She brilliantly plays this old-fashioned character with her fresh modern approach that reminds us of the greatness of the real golden age of American cinema. Faye's talent has never been used better than here and even if it was working with Polanski difficult proccess for both of them it was worth it.

2. Gena Rowlands in A Woman Under the Influence
Gena Rowlands gave a breathtaking, gutwrenching performance, which is not for entertainment purpuses, but it's thought-provoking, stunning and sometimes unbearable to watch. Rowland's courage and talent really paid off here as she was able to give an amazing performance. Haunting and terrifying job.

1. Ellen Burstyn in Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
She totally grew on me in these few days. I can honestly say that I saw a very-very fantastic performance by an actress I love and I was quite impressed by her. It's not her greatest performance, but it's still an unforgettable and excellent portrayal of an ordinary woman.

So I can proudly announce 
that my winner is...  
Ellen Burstyn
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
What a surprise!!!

About the field: One of the category's finest - I wasn't as impressed by this year initially, but seriously, having Diahann Carroll's performance as #4 when in a year later she would be an easy pick of mine? Putting Faye Dunaway's harrowing, iconic Mrs. Mulwray at #3? Just crazy. As much as I love and appreciate Gena (and I probably appreciate her more than anyone here), I simply cannot not choose Ellen's beautiful, poetic performance, which (for me) is among her finest. I'd like to sing (hehe) praises about her work that works right inside your soul. It's sort of like Megan's experience with the dolphin in Bridesmaids for me. :) 


Fritz said...

Great job! I really need to see Gena Rowland's performance since almost everybody gives her the win nowadays.

Twister said...

I too really need to see Rowland's as she seems to be the creem of the crop for this year.

Louis Morgan said...

Nice Job. Rowlands always seems to well praised despite almost everyone also saying the film is incredibly unpleasant.

dinasztie said...

I think her performance was very unpleasant too and yet she won here. It's just like her movie: strange and very disturbing. A movie being unpleasant is no problem for me.

joe burns said...

Knew it! A very well deserved win too, She was great, though all of them would have been worthy!

Can't wait till 2002!