Sunday, October 17, 2010

Celebration Time!

I'm very happy to announce that my blog has just become one year old. It all started with a review of Gaslight and one of my favorite actresses, Ingrid Bergman. And to celebrate this day, I will reveal some things about which you might have been wondering :
  • How to pronounce my nickname (dinasztie)? Well, it's quite difficult to write down, but you should say something like dee-nas-ty-eh.
  • Why did I start this blog? The answer is the words: not because of Stinky Lulu. Simply, I was just thinking about blogging and I said "I could do that". The topic was obvious for me.
  • Why haven't I talked about myself yet? Simply because everything is on my profile.
  • What's my favorite Oscar moment? Whenever they open the envelope.

I'm also preparing another surprise so stay tuned! :-)


Louis Morgan said...

Congratulations, I look forward to the surprise. Oh and I like the dig at Stinky Lulu's pretentiousness.

joe burns said...

Congrats! I've always loved your blog....

And I like the stinkylulu thing too.

Fritz said...

Congratulations! I love your blog and I also love it that we started blooging so close to each other (I had my anniversary a few days ago).

Oh, but I started because of StinkyLulu :-)

dinasztie said...

Thank you guys. :-)