Friday, December 3, 2010

Lynn Redgrave in Georgy Girl

Lynn Redgrave received her first Oscar nomination for playing Georgina Parkin, an innocent young girl in Georgy Girl. Lynn Redgrave's performance in this movie was a real hit and everybody seemed to love her, she became famous, got a Golden Globe, some critics' awards, therefore I think that she was actually the runner-up to Elizabeth Taylor in that strictly one-horse race. Redgrave has her fanbase, but she unfortunately never matched her sister's popularity.

Georgy Girl is quite probably one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen. I think it doesn't make much sense, but it's not bad and actually, quite entertaining. I think it could have won that Best Song Oscar, because that theme is quite catchy. The actors give proper performances: Charlotte Rampling is beautiful, sexy, wild and selfish, she's very memorable. Alan Bates is a bit annoying sometimes, but he's quite good too. James Mason's nomination is however so weird and so is his performance: I mean was it supposed to be serious or funny? I guess his intention was funny, but he wasn't. Well, that might be just my taste.

People seem to be enchanted by Lynn Redgrave, but there are some, who criticise the performance. I want to do both as I really liked her, but there were some things, I did not like that much. First of all, I must say that Georgy itself is the perfect role for any actress. People always love the innocent, unusual young girls, who become hearbroken at some point of the movie. These characters win your simpathy instantly as you feel strong emotions for them. You hate the ones who harm her (very much) and love her immensely. Georgy is really such a character.

I just cannot deny my affection for Britain, London, Brits, and British movies of the sixties. They were the best: the so-called kitchen sink realism is so close to my heart, but this movie is not a typical one. Mostly it's not that realistic (sometimes not at all), but there are some hearbreaking stories inside. Just like Georgy's: she was always told what to do and how, she was in fact a kept woman, but no one really says that. Georgy however has considerable pride and she just wants to be on her own, taking care of people who need it. She has an immense heart, which is sometimes used by some weak people.

If I really think about it, Georgy is a fantastically unselfish and terribly giving person with some flaws of course. Yes, she's just fascinating and I may even say that I respect her. This becomes obvious in the scene where she asks for prams and cots for her "services", which actually do not happen. She lies and cheats (just a bit), but for all the good reasons. She has hope that eventually her selfish roommate becomes a great mum, but we know from the beginning: Georgy is a mother already. She just understands children, as if they shared a common language. It's very odd, but also extremely impressive.

However, Georgy has her needs and desires, like having a man and a love life, but eventually, she's the one, who's ashamed and that really broke my heart. Redgrave so amazingly showed the emotions and feelings of this character: she did not pick the showy ways, but she made the right decisions I think. Lynn's acting has some depth, which have to be discovered by the viewer after watching the film. When I finished Georgy Girl, I wasn't amazed, but as I think about her, I realize how great she is actually.

I only have one argument against her: the strength of her performance is a bit uneven, and sometimes it loses some effect which it might have had on me. I know that this doesn't seem to be a big problem when you read this, but it bothered me a bit while watching. This probably also caused her loss at Oscar night. She's not a hurricane, she's just wind, but not subtle either.

However, I must say that I was impressed by Lynn Redgrave's performance as the innocent Georgy, who has many layers and a real depth, though sometimes the performance was not constantly strong. Great and effective work, which even moved me, but I guess I wanted a bit more. Nice job which has grown on me, and it displays Lynn Redgrave's much missed talent extremely well.
A 4,5 after all.
What do you think? I'm sick, damn. Please send me positive energy so that I can recover until tomorrow, to fulfill some of my duties.


Fritz said...

I hope you get well soon!

About Lynn: I haven't seen her yet but somehow the movie sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

I really loved her.

dinasztie said...

Fritz: Thanks. And it IS interesting. So is Lynn. You should do this year, I am interested in your thoughts.

Sage: I know you loved her, I liked her too, but I was not that entusiastic.