Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Final Conclusion - Best Actress 1972


So the much anticipated ranking is:

I have very mixed feelings towards Diana Ross' performance as Billie Holiday. On the one hand, Ross is quite strong in some of the scenes and she has a lots of star power, which can be impressive, occasionally. On the other hand, I cannot overlook the fact that in some of the scenes she's very weak and she wasn't mature enough as an actress to play this part.

I keep asking myself: is this enough from the great Dame Maggie Smith? Not really. I always kept wanting more and more. I missed Maggie's usual dazzling presence and despite the fact that I was entertained quite well, I still wanted more. Still, I have to say that Dame Maggie Smith is entertaining and amusing as Aunt Augusta Bertram.

I have to say that Cicely Tyson gives a beautiful performance as Rebecca Morgan. Tyson adds real emotional depth to this (tiny bit) standard character. Her unique, very interesting presence, her great acting choices result in truly great work. Had she been given more to work with, she would have got my vote for this year, rather easily.

Liv Ullmann is really great as Kristina in The Emigrants. It's not her best performance and it's true that she's the best with Bergman but it would be very unjust to deny her merits in The Emigrants. Although the movie works against her, Ullmann was able to make a lasting impression and have a great effect on me. It's very effective acting by a terrific talent.
I could praise Liza Minnelli endlessly for this huge, unforgettable and wonderful performance as Sally Bowles. Liza Minnelli is the heart and soul of this brilliant movie and if I may say so, she gives the best performance ever in a musical. I'm not a fan of the genre but I'm crazy about this one. You can watch Liza over and over again in this movie but you'll have just as much fun and you'll be just as touched as you were for the first time.
So I can proudly announce
that my winner is...
Liza Minnelli
Everybody loves a winner... :)


  • Goldie Hawn in Butterflies are Free

Final thoughts: This year was not as fantastic as it seemed to be. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it because I had only seen Liza in advance and it was good to discover new performances. With me, Liza had an easy win. She was way ahead of her competition. I mean, OMG, how was it even a question who the best was? Good God. I wasn't sure about my #2, but I'm glad I went this way. Liv and Cicely were excellent but I wanted to see more of them. Diana is one of the most overrated nominees ever. I really don't see why some think she should have won over Liza. I really need to relax. Maggie is one of the most disliked nominees ever, so I was really interested in her and I can tell you, I have seen much worse. Still, I feel a bit disappointed about her.
Anyway, Anonymous gave correct predictions but after the deadline, so semi-congrats. :)

The ranking of the reviewed years:

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About the next year: I will slow down until May 19th but after that everything will be fine. But until then my posts won't be very regular. Sorry about that. But I'll give you clues about the next year:
  • I'm saying let's just GIVE THE SHOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT!
What do you think?


Louis Morgan said...

No surprises here, nor should there be since Minnelli is great.

I don't think I even have to say what the next year is, your clue is good enough, I will just say I am in the middle of the Best Actor category of the same year at this moment.

Fritz said...

Great work and a very expected winner!

And yes, next year is VERY obvious! :-)

dinasztie said...

Yes, it was easy this time. :D

joe burns said...

Pretty much expected. though I was sort of expecting you to like Maggie more..

Yep, it's 83....

dinasztie said...

Joe: I also expected to like Maggie more but it wasn't one of her best. :)

Joe said...

I watched Cabaret for the first time a month ago and I am SHOCKED. Not only is Joel Grey's performance one of the least deserving performances I have EVER seen, but really, Liza? She won for that? Granted it was worth a nomination but definitely not a win. The true winner there was Diana Ross. She played Billie so beautifully and I legit was blown away by her performance only 5 minutes in. These are my rankings

WINNER- Diana Ross
Runner Up- Cicely Tyson
3rd- Liv Ulman
4th- Liza Minelli
5th- Maggie Smith