Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Final Conclusion - Best Actress 1995



So the much anticipated ranking is:

I was quite impressed by Emma Thompson's work and I feel she richly deserved the Oscar - for writing. Her contributions to the movie as a screenwriter are much significant than what she gave here as an actress. However, it would be clearly unfair from me not to emphasise how much I liked her acting as well and how connected I felt to her character. She didn't get the showiest part, that's for sure, but her talent shines even with such circumstances. 

I don't see the brilliance that many others do but I see the effort and can completely understand why many people are in love with this work. Although she definitely makes Francesca an extremely realistic woman that you can easily relate to, it's just something that wasn't too hard for the marvelous Meryl Streep. Nevertheless, I cannot deny the fact that she really elevates her movie that would just dragging along without her.  

I can conclude that Susan Sarandon gives a fantastic performance as Helen Prejean. She hits all the right notes, she displays dignity, grace and faith like nobody else. Her subtle, emotional work stays with you long after movie and is actually the most important reason to see the film. Although this part may not have been too difficult to play for an actress of Susan's calibre, it's still outstanding, brave and gutwrenching work given by a wonderful actress.

Sharon Stone gives a brutal, chaotic and disturbing performance as Ginger in Casino. She gets rid of all her vanity, glamour and sexiness in the process of creating a living piece of junk. Although the downfall of this woman is very hard to watch, Sharon makes it a wonderful experience, thanks to her wonderful talent, her intelligence and confidence. Excellent work.

What an easy call! Elisabeth Shue kills the rest of her competition with her brilliant performance that I consider one of the greatest ones ever given. If you surrender to her, it's going to be a wonderful experience for you. She makes Sera such an interesting, heartbreaking character without seeming forced for a second. It all seems to come from her so naturally: she clearly identified with this character.

 So I can proudly announce
that the winner is...
Elisabeth Shue 
Leaving Las Vegas

Don't worry Elisabeth! You got the important one! :) 

Final thoughts: Wow, a very strong year. I've had better but it was still a treat. Elisabeth was an easy winner, the rest of the ranking, however, took some time to decide. How weird: I drew the order of the reviews, which eventually turned out to be my ranking. So strange. :) In the end, I'm quite confident about this ranking. I'm kind of disappointed that Meryl didn't win three in a row (OK, I admit that I wanted it to happen...badly) and you, of course, didn't expect it not to happen plus I think Sharon's #2 ranking is also a shocker to you. I guess I prefer prostitutes to nuns and hopeless lovers. :) It was really Elisabeth's time to shine and I hope she will one day get on the podium as an Oscar winner. Anyway, I'm glad Susan Sarandon has an Oscar. 

  • Kathy Bates in Dolores Claibourne
  • Julianne Moore in Safe

The next year: 
  • Intriguing, eating babies, befriending animals... :-) 
What do you think? Any thoughts on your mind?

Bad news: I'm going to really slow down. I've had some free time now, but it's only gonna be worse until 18th June. After that, however... I'm going to catch up. :) I have to focus on my studies now. :) I'm not giving this up, don't worry, I don't have writer's block, I'm full of creative energy, I just don't have time.


JC said...

1988 is the next year! Yay! Love that year, even if I haven't seen Meryl yet.

Quite surprised by your ranking. Thought Meryl is going to win over you again for the fourth time. =)

Are you already in college? =)

BTW, my problem with Meryl's page is already okay.

Fritz said...

I'm a bit surprised but certainly don't complain! :-) Great work!

I'm really looking forward to 1988 but, of course, Great Glenn will take it easily.

joe burns said...

I knew Meryl wouldn't win! Glad Shue won!

Yay for 1988!

Anonymous said...

Sad to see Emma last, but this is a very strong year! I would've voted for Stone, but Shue is outstanding and a deserving winner.

dinasztie said...

JC: I'm not in college. I'm in high school (here we spend one year of high school learning only English so overall it takes 5 years and there's no college, either so I), applying to university (and preparing for the exams takes my time). It's quite complicated to explain this system. :D

Louis Morgan said...

As I said Shue could surprise. I am with Sarandon still, but Shue is a deserving winner.

I look forward to 1988.