Monday, April 2, 2012

The Next Year


So the nominees were:
  • Judy Davis in A Passage to India
  • Sally Field in Places in the Heart 
  • Jessica Lange in Country
  • Vanessa Redgrave in The Bostonians
  • Sissy Spacek in The River
Sorry for postponing 1988 (I hate doing it and I do things like this in emergency cases, which this is; it's going to be the next year and I'm saving the entry with the comments so you won't have to make new predictions) but a chance came to do 1984 and I instantly knew it's a now or never moment for me. :) Plus I'm positive that you're getting a Great Glenn and Meryl Streep overload on this blog. :)

What do you think? Who's your pick? What's your prediction for my ranking? :)  


Fritz said...

I have actually seen all 5 of them but, of course, won't tell you who's my pick! :-)

My predictions for your ranking:

1. Sally
2. Judy
3. Jessica
4. Sissy
5. Vanessa

Louis Morgan said...

An interesting year since it is the closest the Oscars have ever come to looking at a group of actors for portraying the same role. It is also interesting though as well as hard to predict because the year lacks a favorite.

1. Spacek
2. Field
3. Davis
4. Lange
5. Redgrave

dinasztie said...

I already know your pick Fritz. ;) And I know you think I'm thinking of the wrong lady but I don't think so. :))))

joe burns said...

I'll predict Davis, but Lange was great too.

An incredibly weak year!

Anonymous said...

With Peggy Ashcroft nominated as supporting actress, it's anybody's guess. I think Vanessa Redgrave was easily the best of the nominees, and the farming ladies were the weakest. Still, I have no idea who you'll pick, but I'll give it a shot:

1. Sissy
2. Judy
3. Jessica
4. Vanessa
5. Sally


mrripley said...

I like this year it always gets a bad rap,the films the performances house are not the best but uniformily the performances are godd,this would be my line up for 84 with field winning and redgrave second 3rd probably lange then 4th spacek then davis last who sometimes i replace with geneveive bujold in choose me.

moviefilm said...

1) Judy Davis (I have only seen her so far, and she was excellent)
2) Sally Field
3) Sissy Spacek
4) Jessica Lange
5) Vanessa Redgrave

Cole said...

I didn't see any of those performances, but as a big big fan of Jessica Lange I'm rooting for her.

hey deanie said...

This is a lackluster year apart from Judy Davis and Vanessa Redgrave who are damn good. I'm hoping you at least like them. Redgrave is always astonishing but this may be her best performance, and Davis makes such interesting, unconventional choices as an actress.

dinasztie said...

Well, people rarely talk about this year and I had only seen Sally and Judy previously.

But you made me VERY interested in Vanessa. I'm not that much of a fan of her Best Actress nominated performances I'd already seen.

Alex in Movieland said...

you'll go for Judy, with Jessica as runner-up.

Paul S said...
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mrripley said...

i was v excited for 1984 but nothing for days,how are you?

dinasztie said...

mrripley and others: Well, thanks for asking and the concern. Well I feel absolutely like a piece of shit. I'm studying as f&ck for my school-leaving exams in a months (ordinary Hungarian, English, Maths and advanced History) so I'm pretty much occupied with that. LOL :D I'm so willing to continue but I don't even know when I have time to breathe. :) I really want to write but when I have free time my mind is so full that Saturday Night Live becomes an intellectual challenge. :D And I want to give y'all what you all deserve: my full attention and commitment. It's painful for me but I hope you'll remain faithful to my blog and I can assure you that in the summer there will be tons of years done (since almost every year has become available).

Seriously I'm looking forward to reading your comments and writing for you because honestly, that's one of the best things. :) It feels good to see people interested in your thoughts. :)

So I'm gonna stick around, don't worry and I'll only quit doing this blog until I have to be shot. :)

mrripley said...

So when is 84 gonna be done,love ya blog!!!

dinasztie said...

No idea. June 22nd is the most probable time, I think. :/

Fritz said...

Just take all the time you need and focus on the important things in your life right now. Sometimes you just don't have the time or the energy. It took me forever to write about Diane Lane on my blog but I am so busy at the moment with so many different things and when I have a little bit of free time, I just don't feel like writing. So I can totally understand you! :-) I wish you all the best for your exams!

dinasztie said...

Thanks! :)

Helen M said...

Awful year!!

Sally Field was a terrible winner, the only one I liked was Judy Davis but not even love for her performance.

Nues20 said...

Oscar Nerd could you please check out my blog?

dinasztie said...

Sure. :)

Fritz said...

Hey, is that you on the picture? Looking good! Thumps up! :-)

dinasztie said...

I've become very interested in politics and I'm running my campaign for local elections, I thought I'd test my picture here.

Oh, no, I'm kidding it's a school graduation picture of mine and I thought it's a good picture. :D Thanks anyway. :D

dinasztie said...


OK, I have good news! I'm going to be back very soon. On 10th May I'll return for a while but there will be some interruptions after that and things will go back to normal on 23rd July. :)

Until then I can ask for nothing but patience! :)