Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Final Conclusion - Best Actress 1957


So the much anticipated ranking:

Lana's performance mostly consits of sleepwalking and sitting in the background. I believe that had Turner been given some more to do, she would have been able to pull of a great performance as Constance. The screenplay always underlines how frigid this character is and it doesn't really let Turner do wonders with it. The overall effect is disappointing.

there isn't a thing about Deborah Kerr's performance that you could be passionate about. You can't love her, can't hate her and the whole thing becomes very standard and uninteresting. I know that many love this work but I just wasn't able to warm up to it. Deborah Kerr is quite good as Sister Angela but she doesn't go beyond good.

Despite my dislike for the acting of Joanne Woodward, this is quite a good job by her. Although it's not groundbreaking by any means and the emotional part of it is a bit lacking, the technical department is just excellent. Woodward made very wise decisions with these characters (despite being relatively new to the craft) and she put on a very good performance.

This performance is a bit mixed. On the one hand, Liz's accent and mannerisms are incredibly annoying and she fails with the technical part. On the other hand, there are also some great moments that I just cannot ignore. As I said, Taylor is not really amazing, but there's something in her that stays with me. It's still quite good work and something keeps resonating with me.

You may consider me overenthusiastic and too lenient with performances but I was just blown away by Anna, from the beginning to the very end. Anna Magnani creates this beautiful, wonderful character and single-handedly makes the movie. It might be a bit much for many. For me, it worked and I consider this an astonishing performance.

So I can proudly announce
that my winner is...
Anna Magnani
Wild is the Wind
Why do I have to compete?

  • Giulietta Masina in The Nights of Cabiria
Final thoughts: A really weak year. Yes, I was a bit overenthusiastic but Anna was a shining light in this extremely weak year. So she was the clear winner. Joanne was quite good though a bit dry. Elizabeth Taylor, whom we tragically lost on the day I reviewed her performance, gave a mixed but haunting performance in Raintree County. Deborah was simply good, Lana was not bad. Again, a truly weak year. Still, I'm happy that I did it as I was so interested in Anna's performance, which was really astonishing though the movie dragged her down a bit.

About the next year: You cannot imagine the misery, torture and suffering that I went through to do the next year and get all the films. It's a really interesting one though I've only seen 2 performances but they are both given by two of my all-time favorite actresses (and the others are great performers, too, all three of them previous winners). Clue:
  • I can't give you a real clue as I keep forgetting and losing everything ever since that new insurance I have. ;)
What do you think?


joe burns said...

This does seem like a weak year, but I personally loved Woodward. Haven't seen the others though.

No clue what the next year will be.

Louis Morgan said...

Looks like I should have stuck with my initial guess.

Maganani performance is terrific certianly in what seems to be an otherwise lack luster year.

The next year I will guess 1944, due to the insurance clue, and the previous winners clue.

Also it was rather strange just that your review of Taylor fell on the same day she died.

Anonymous said...

1944 is so next.

Malcolm said...

I just saw Turner and I actually liked her performance. But still, I'm really comfortable with your grade on her. Hardly challenging.

Fritz said...

I have only seen Joanne but you really made me interested in the others (but I am not such a big fan of Anna as everyone else is).