Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Big Day (?) Coming and Last-Minute Hopes

Well it's about 19 hours until this year's Oscar nominees are revealed tomorrow. Just like everyone else, I've tried to do my best to guess what the Academy is going to go for this year (you can see my predictions on goldderby). However, instead of that, I'll just make a wish-list for tomorrow, hoping some of them will come true (don't worry, tomorrow you'll get my reactions): 

  • Amour getting in for Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenplay (as well as Foreign Language Film, but that's a lock): I probably shouldn't be so demanding and hope for only Riva's surprise nod, but also Trintignant who, in my humble opinion, even outdid his co-star. He portrayed his character, Georges's suffering so well that it was just as painful as Riva's interpretation of a dying woman. Besides, how can you imagine a person voting for Riva and not casting a #1 vote for Trintignant as well? (Mind you, he was 100x better than our front-runner.
There are TWO people in this picture.
  • Skyfall getting in for Best Picture and Supporting Actor: OK, I know, I know. :) First of all, I'm ready to admit my super Bond-fandom, but the latest installation went way beyond my expectations. As a fan, I felt its story and directing were both exceptional and also one cannot ignore the fantastic villain, created by Javier Bardem (that fake-jaw scene has been the most Bond-villain thing in the last few years). Roger Deakins' cinematography and Adele's songwriting are quite safe bets and I really hope that those ones will translate into Oscar wins.
007 is willing to go all the way for a nomination...

  • I'm also crossing my fingers for these outstanding performers: Leonardo DiCaprio (time to win), Jennifer Ehle (time for recognition by Oscar), Nicole Kidman (always a joy to see her) and Ann Dowd (especially her, she really sacrificed a lot plus she's extraordinary).
What are your thoughts on tomorrow? :) 


Alex in Movieland said...

You're asking a lot for Amour, but... I've also finally changed my predictions in Best Director. Going with Haneke myself :-/ can't believe I'm predicting against Les Miz.

Louis Morgan said...

Well I need to see Amour still, I just have not gotten around to it.

You don't need to say "I Know I know" when it comes to Skyfall though. That film is great, in fact it is my favorite film of the year.

As for your others, I liked Ehle even though her screen time was very limited. Kidman did not do anything for me, although I will say it was not helped by her terrible film.

DiCaprio is another story only because for whatever reason the last spot is between him, Waltz, and Bardem. I really wish they were the locks and the others were open to being snubbed.

joe burns said...

I think Rivera will make it on 2nd thought, having just bet against her on ALex's predictions. i think Amour has gained too much steam for her not to make it. I think Helen will get snubbed after all, but I could see her bumping Cotillard off the mantle.

Anonymous said...

What did you think of Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook?

dinasztie said...

Alex: I'm not asking for more than it deserves. :)))

Anon: Haven't seen her yet.

Louis: Yeah, they should be the locks. :) And glad you loved Skyfall, too.

Joe: Emmanuelle RIVA has to make it. She's unbelievable and anyone who sees the movie will see that.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Lawrence is amazing in SLP ;) I have a copy of Amour, I still need to see it. I have a feeling she might make it in, but it's going to be CLOSE.

joe burns said...

Well, you got most of your wish for Amour!!! Congrats!!! I need to see her now!!!