Monday, January 14, 2013

My mood today...

After three Homeland wins, some great motion picture winners and two fantastic hosts, I'm simply speechless. This year's Globes were dead on and better than I've ever seen. :) 

But of course, above all my favorite moment EVER at the Globes: 

BTW, this is a demonstration of how I felt after each performance of Great Glenn.

Oh, you know me too well. :))


Louis Morgan said...

I have to say I am loving this year simply because I like almost all of the films in contention, something that rarely happens for me.

dinasztie said...

Well, I actively dislike Argo and especially Les Miz so I'm quite pissed about those two Globe wins.

mrripley said...

Anyone feel that Anne Hathaway is great in the i dreamed a dream part of les mis but very self concious in the other parts i got the feeling she was trying way too hard,i much preferred Sally Field fire and Hunts relaxed perforamnces.

I think it's nice that apart from Anne we have no real idea who may win

Anonymous said...

Nice, but will ANY of you guys review Best Actress/Supporting Actress for this year? Sage isn't active anymore (unfortunately), so..

- reader of blogs

dinasztie said...

Mrripley: She was self-conscious through her whole performance... Disgusting Oscar baiting, nothing performance. IDAD was OK

JJ: I will! February will be about Oscar on this blog, don't worry :)