Sunday, January 31, 2010

Congratulations Kathryn!

I just can't tell you happy I am that Kathryn Bigelow won the DGA, and thank God she is very likely to receive the Oscar too. I love Avatar as well, but I think Bigelow really deserved this one. So well done Kathryn!

P.S.: Is there ANYONE who saw Crazy Heart? I'm really curious.


joe burns said...

I haven't seen it yet, but could you do a 2008 Best Actress smackdown? I hope you like Anne Hathaway.

dinasztie said...

I am sorry but I haven't seen Hathaway yet. But I can tell you my ranking as of now.
1.Meryl Streep
2.Melissa Leo
3.Kate Winslet
4.Angelina Jolie
But I'm very happy for Kate and I rooted for her. She gave a brilliant performance in The Reader, which was worthy of the win, even though the two other ladies were better IMO.
I started watching Rachel Getting Married a couple of months ago, but I found it so boring that I had to stop it and I deleted it (unintentionally) so I guess I have to get it again.

joe burns said...

Rachel Getting Married is a film that not a lot of people like, but I really liked it and Hathaway was brilliant in it. I'm not sure if Winslet will remain my pick for that year, since I keep thinking about how good Hathaway was. I posted my ranking with my thoughts on each nominee on my blog, but here's my ranking.

1. Winslet

2. Hathaway

3. Leo

4. Streep

5. Jolie