Saturday, January 9, 2010


We go for another round, this time with Best Supporting Actress and the year is 1982. Let me tell you, I had some tough decisions to make and even I am surprised at my ranking, so let's see:
1.Teri Garr in Tootsie: In case I haven't told you, Tootsie is my all-time favorite movie and I've seen it a thousand times. And the more times I watch Tootsie, the more convinced I am that Garr should have won. She's so hilarious as Sandy, an actress without talent. The greatest scene is when she asks Dustin Hoffman if he's in love with someone else. Her reaction is so much fun. Her performance is full of golden moments, you laugh at her, but also feel so sorry, because after all Sandy is a bit bitter woman constantly hoping. Very human and humorous performance.

2.Glenn Close in The World According to Garp: Oh, this movie was such a boring mess. I constantly felt that it wanted to impress me with the weird and unbeliable scenes and the only reason why I did not stop watching it was Glenn. I think it's not a secret to anyone how fond I am of great Glenn and I certainly loved her in this role. Her character is a humorless woman and Glenn adds such an irony to this character that it makes it worth watching her. She's funny, moving and convincing at the same time and Glenn was able to keep this movie together.

3.Jessica Lange in Tootsie: I am much more forgiving of this win than most of the people. I think Jessica, one of the greatest actresses ever, put on an excellent performance as Julie, "the slut of the Southwest General". Julie is just as sad person as Sandy and the reason why I prefer Garr is because Lange is not given that great comedy scenes. She's very effective sometimes, but when she could have some really great moments, someone's always there to steal her scene unfortunately. Still, a good effort by an extraordinary actress.

4.Lesley Ann Warren in Victor Victoria: If you want to see a disasterous drag comedy, than Victor Victoria is your movie. It was such a mixed bag, because if it wasn't for Warren it would have been really awful. She's able to give some good moments and even though she really overacts sometimes, at times she's simply hilarious. I really don't have much to say about her, she's there, she's funny, she has her moments. But again, something's missing.

5.Kim Stanley in Frances: Kim Stanley is a strange case to me. I watched Séance on a Wet Afternoon yesterday and I was blown away by it, she was very worthy in that movie but after all Anne Bancroft remained my pick. However, in Frances she really did not impress me the least. She was good, but I don't know, Jessica Lange might have been too great and stole the spotlight from her and that's why I did not like her, because I really did not care about her. I really thought I would liked her, but after all I was left unimpressed by Stanley.

P.S.: It's funny, the first received 5 stars, the second got 4, the third 3 and so on. LOL.


joe burns said...

I agree with you on Terri Gar! Lange was a disappointment. I think she was great in Blue Sky, but I think I'm leaning towards Winona Ryder for the win that year.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Terri is my win too!