Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thoughts on this award season

So, we are through with all of the major awards, except for BAFTA, but it's very unlikely to influence the Oscar votes, because the BAFTA loves awarding their fellow brits (and I think it's alright).

Best Actor: I have become much more confident in saying that Jeff Bridges will win. He's the Kate Winslet of the year, except for the fact that he's not begging for the Oscar, I mean campaigning hard :-). The Globe, the BFCA, the SAG and some other awards, the overdue factor and the possibly strong performance (I haven't seen it, but well he's Jeff Bridges) are all likely to carry him to the Oscar podium and I guess it's just alright and I am happy that it will happen. Although until now I was confident that Clooney will have the Sean Penn case, he does not have the major awards (remember Penn had the SAG), so I'm thinking BRIDGES.

Best Actress: Sandra Bullock can prepare herself to become an Oscar winner and so can the world. I liked her in The Blind Side because she was the only good thing about it, I love her in general, and I even wanted her to get some kind of a recognition, so that she can prove that she's good. Still, if she wins, I will be immensely disappointed. I'm really hoping that in the end it will be Meryl and at this point it's likely, but the SAG for Bullock hit me very hard. And if you say that Meryl has the biopic factor for her, remember Bullock is also portraying a real-life person. So what's gonna be the result? At the moment I am still saying Streep. Or is this just wishful thinking? I do not even dare to hope that Gabby Sidibe wins.

Best Supporting Actor & Actress: Oh, gosh these categories tend to offer some surprises, but it's pretty much predictable who will win (Christoph Waltz and Mo'Nique). In Mo'Nique's case it is going to be richly-richly deserved but in the case of Waltz well... I should be happy for him right? I mean everybody loves him and thinks he's deserving and I am probably the only one who doesn't. I guess I really have to (re-)re-watch the movie.

BEST PICTURE: Well, I am pretty much in trouble. No, I withdraw that, because if any of the three front-runners (namely Avatar, The Hurt Locker and Up in the Air) win, I will be very happy, because I loved all three of them in different ways. Avatar amazed me by its visuality and it was such a treat to my senses, I was certainly amazed, but there's The Hurt Locker. It shocked me with its brutally intense dramatic tension, its pace and wow that last scene with the man shouting and the child's body were brutal and they still haunt me. Up in the Air was a heartwrenching experience, I loved its honesty and nice humor and it was the kind of movie which relaxed me. However, it's Up in the Air which has the least chance out of the three. And well of course there's Precious, which I loved at first sight, but I realized how forced it was sometimes and the only truly unforgettable scene was Mo'Nique's cathartic monologue in the end. The other 6 movies will be only space-fillers and the Academy can realize how idiots they were to allow 10 nominees. Yes that system worked in 1939, but it was the golden age of studio system, but damn it, it was 70 years ago and now there are very few deserving movies and I don't want blockbusters to be nominated (as much as I like to watch them). So now I am saying the winner will be The Hurt Locker, because Avatar seems more logical and I like to take risks.

P.S.: I'm sorry for not writing for a long time, I just had a very busy week and before that I was skiing.


joe burns said...

I hope Gabby wins. But this seems like Bullock's.

dinasztie said...

Maybe not. I just cannot see the liberal Academy choosing the role of a Christian republican hero.I mean, this is not the showy role they go for. If she wins she will have quite a low place in my ranking, but I think that if this star-crowning win happens, it will be more deserved than the ones given to Liz Taylor, Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon (even though I like all 3 of them in general) oh and not to mention Gwyneth Paltrow, my least favorite winner EVER.