Sunday, January 10, 2010


As a bit of response to Joe, but I already planned to do this so Best Supporting Actress, 2002.
My ranking is:

1.Meryl Streep in Adaptation: This performance (and also the movie) was so weird, that I loved every minute of it. I mean how often do you see a man having fantasies about Meryl Streep or Meryl using drugs? It's so much fun, which I really don't want to give away, but let me tell you that this was one of the most enjoyable nominees I've ever seen. Her scenes with deserved Oscar-winner Chris Cooper are simply hilarious, but I also appreciated that Meryl added some depth to this very interesting character. So much fun, so much fun.

2.Julianne Moore in The Hours: I think the only reason why I picked Meryl was that I prefer her in general, because Moore is almost equally brilliant in The Hours as Laura, the unstable and unhappy housewife in the 50s. Her last scene is simply heartbreaking. You really feel for this character: sometimes she's selfish, sometimes she has meltdowns but you always sympathize with her. For me, Julianne simply stole this movie from her co-stars and she managed to put on an unforgettable performance.

3.Catharine Zeta-Jones in Chicago: I really dislike musicals, except for Cabaret and All that Jazz. This performance is either hated or adored. Although I don't loathe it, I really disliked it. I mean, she's sexy, she's an awesome singer, but her actual ACTING is quite thin and weak. I mean the scene where she tries to be friendly with Renée Zellweger is so weakly acted, that I was really shocked that it received the Oscar.

4.Queen Latifah in Chicago: I'm so sorry to rank her this low, because I love her so much and I actually liked some of her scenes as Morton Mama, and her own number is just great, I just think that she had nothing to do in Chicago. I bet had she had something to work with, she would have outacted all of her co-stars. Because it has the potential of becoming great, she just does not have enough time. Again, I have to express my sadness but I just could not get myself to give her a higher ranking.

5.Kathy Bates in About Schimdt: Kathy Bates is an awesome character actress, who can do miracles with some roles. Well, not this one. She has one goodnude scene, which is funny, but actually the fact that it's funny is due to the facial expressions of Jack Nicholson. I must also add that I found her character to be indescribably annoying and it might have been the point, I just was not impressed by her, that's all.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Julianne on this :)

joe burns said...

As you know, I'm still with Zeta-Jones. But ah well. What's next?

Anonymous said...

Okay- first of all- it's Catherine Zeta Jones. And also- that does not prove she's a bad actress. Because if you paid close enough attention to the whole movie, you would've known she couldn't care less about being friends, she just wanted her name back on the market. The last thing she wanted to do was talk to her..but she hated being topped by Roxie. So she couldn't have been genuine. This in no way proves she's a bad actress.