Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Final Conclusion - Best Actress 1989

About the year: I really-really enjoyed doing this year and to tell the truth this was the one in which I had the most pleasure, so it was the best (though 1974 has 0.5 more Meryls). I have ended a long fight in myself and I finally joined one of the camps. #1 was quite easy for me (I soooo wanted to resist her, but I just couldn't as she was so utterly great), and placing the others was very-very easy too. I'm quite happy with the ranking. I love #2 and #3 too and in weaker years they would get my vote (especially #2, who was just brilliant), but the others were not that bad either. So the ranking:

After all, I can say that I saw a very confusing and uneven, but strangely effective, which might have weaknesses, but there are such electrifying, brilliant and unforgettable scenes, that you forget your complaints while watching them. It is not a perfect job, but there is some greatness in it. Good work.

It's very subtle and nice work, which may not go that deep, but is able to entertain, please and move the viewer and she makes it very sure that you never forget her. She's like a good book that you love to read even for the twentieth time. Nice, charming work.

This is a very good performance, which is extremely subtle, but there is some silent strength in it. It could have been more emotional as this way it's a bit underplayed, but I cannot argue that Lange was able to show the emotions and the guilt of this confused character, who wants nothing, but the truth.

This is a delightful and funny work by an actress who should be much more famous and well-known. Collins' Shirley Valentine is a loveable, life-like, beautiful character and Collins gives probably the most enjoyable performance I've reviewed so far. Beautiful, moving and amazing all around, a real threat for Michelle.

I can understand what people see in this performance: it's brilliant, strong, powerful, sexy, charming, vibrant, sad and loveable. She shows so many emotions and faces of this exciting character and created something very memorable, which continues to impress the viewers. She could have done it more easily, but it was brilliant the way it was.

So I can proudly announce
that my winner is...
Michelle Pfeiffer 
The Fabulous Baker Boys
How will you thank me, Michelle? :)
  • Sally Field in Steel Magnolias
So my next year: it's a very rarely talked about year, since most people seem to agree on the winner, whose performance has become iconic or at least extremely popular. I don't waste time but say the one clue, from which you will INSTANTLY find out.
  • Who is whose #1 fan?
So what do you think? Do you have any questions requests or any thoughts on your mind?


joe burns said...

I knew Muchelle would win, but I'm a little disappointed that Tandy didn't get 2nd place.

1990 is next.

dinasztie said...

Joe, you should really check out this year. Pauline is just fabulous! You should see it and re-watch Michelle. Remember, I was also a big Tandy supporter. But I don't want to influence you.

Sage Slowdive said...

Could this be the first time we have the same ranking? :)

dinasztie said...

Yes, probably. :D

Sage Slowdive said...
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Louis Morgan said...

Good job as usual, I am not sure if I agree entirely I would have to watch Pfeiffer again to know for sure.

Pfan313 said...

Yay! I completely agree with you :D

Fritz said...

Good job. Everyone seems to pick Michelle these days.

Jack Baker said...

Michelle was great but Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally was head and shoulders above ANY other actress in '89!