Friday, April 1, 2011

The Final Conclusion - Best Actress 1944


So the much anticipated ranking is:

Many might disagree with me but I think that Bette Davis was excellent in Mr. Skeffington. Her over-the-top acting, her insane and brave choices all worked well with me. Even after I finished watching the movie, I was under the effect of Bette's great performance. Although it's not her best work, it's camp done very well.
I can say that I was so pleasantly surprised and impressed by this performance of the wonderful Greer Garson. Although she did not blow me away totally, I was utterly mesmerized by her unique presence and talent. Garson illuminates the screen with her radiant self and charisma and she creates a wonderful performance as Susie Parkington.

Ingrid Bergman gives an extremely memorable performance as Paula a terrified woman on the edge of a total nervous breakdown. Although this is not the type of Bergman's performance that I love obsessedly, I would feel ashamed if I didn't praise her for this work of hers as much as I can. Ingrid's portrayal of this woman is brilliant and really haunting.

Although Claudette didn't have the screentime and the screenplay on her side, she still managed to deliver a very emotional and loveable performance as Mrs. Anne Hilton. Claudette's acting is not too sentimental and she's quite heartwrenching occasionally. Had she been given more, she would have been even more fantastic (and won the Oscar).

But I had to chose Stanwyck's diabolique performance as Phyllis Dietrichson. Stanwyck's performance as the manipulative, irresistable Phyllis Dietrichson is just pitch-perfect. From what I've seen this is absolutely the best work of this silver screen goddess who always blows me away with her wonderful presence and radiant talent. Breathtaking achievement

So I can proudly announce
that my winner is...
Barbara Stanwyck
Double Indemnity
Barbara hid a gun in case I picked someone else

Final thoughts: I so needed this year, especially after the awful 1957. All these five women gave fantastic performances and they all would have made worthy winner (except for maybe Bette). I said in my review about Ingrid Bergman that my #1 pick will be a difficult choice. It wasn't to tell the truth. After a while, it was very clear that I would give it to Barbara that scene behind the door is the most significant reason. I mean how could a scene be more brilliant. Ingrid is a great second. I loved Colbert more than it seemed from my review, I think. Garson, poor Garson is fourth once again even though I so loved her. Bette was the obvious fifth, she was the weakest one of this line up (as if I can ever use the word weak in a sentence with this year). Still, the best year so far, I really loved it. And it was great that I was able to cover it first. I usually don't care about it but now I wanted to be the first quite badly. :)
About the next year: I got requests, but I'm doing the next year because I'm really interested in it. It seems to be a great year and all the movies are available, right now. So I give clues:
  • Comedy, THE box-office hit, period pieces
What do you think?


Fritz said...

Great work! And it's no surprise that you picked Barbara even though Ingrid is amazing, too.

I guess 1997 might be the next year...

Louis Morgan said...

Quite a strong year it seems. I think I personally would go with Bergman though.

joe burns said...

Really great year it seems, surprised that Ingird didn't win, but Barbara seems to be quite great for you!

I think 97 is next too..

Anonymous said...

Great year and ranking but I can't believe Bette is last, she was brilliant! I still would have picked Ingrid but Barbara was brilliant as well! I need to see Colbert.

Anonymous said...

Great year and ranking but I can't believe Bette is last, she was brilliant! I still would have picked Ingrid but Barbara was brilliant as well! I need to see Colbert.

dinasztie said...

Anon: I really liked Bette but the others were even better. :)