Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Final Conclusion - Best Actress 1997


So the much anticipated ranking is:

I'm not one of the fans of Julie Christie in Afterglow. She has some nice moments and she nails to emotional scenes to a certain extent but it's not enough to win me over. I really missed the wildness or the subtlety of her other great performances. But the fact that she wasn't great is mostly due to the horrid movie. Still, she's not great.

This is great work by Kate Winslet. I don't want to take away anything from it as it's great work but she pales a little bit in comparision with the epic movie that she's in. Kate perfectly portrayed all the negative emotions and fears of the character and therefore she was really haunting in the beginning.

Helen Hunt almost crossed the line of fantastic with her performance as Carol Connelly in As Good as it Gets. Hunt added wonderful, loveable realism to this character and she made the audience really care about her. Those, who keep saying that she's one of the worst winners, really need to shut up. Helen Hunt is just excellent as this loveable character.

This is a wonderful performance by one of the greatest actresses ever on this planet. Although it may not be the best achievement of the brilliant Dame Judi Dench, she perfectly inhabited this very complex character and nailed the emotional scenes. This is excellent work that is a real joy to watch. It's not fantastic or mindblowing, it's "just" absolutely wonderful.

As Kate Croy, Helena Bonham Carter managed to create fascinating, multi-layered and mysterious character that is surely very interesting. I was totally blown away by Helena who gave astonishing work and I am not surprised at all at the amount of love that Helena gets for this great achievement. Haunting, disturbing, beautiful.

So I can proudly announce
that my winner is...
Helena Bonham Carter
The Wings of the Dove
Just loved Helena

Final thoughts: Why do I have mixed feelings? This was an enjoyable year with very good performances and mostly not-so-great movies. Afterglow was T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E but Christie made it a bit less intolerable, Mrs Brown was quite boring with Judi Dench who gave a wonderful but definitely not her greatest performance (interesting enough, that was the movie because of which I wanted to do this year), As Good as it Gets was very entertaining and Hunt really elevated the material (I'd say she was the best thing about it). Helena was just thrilling and her movie was very interesting. I'd say Titanic was the best movie in the bunch, a real epic and Kate was really good in it though not brilliant. I would say that this year was worth reviewing because of the fantastic, gutwrenching performance of Helena Bonham Carter and the great Dame Judi. I could live without the rest, though.

The ranking of the reviewed years:

  1. 1944
  2. 1969
  3. 1974
  4. 1989
  5. 1959
  6. 1964
  7. 1939
  8. 1977
  9. 2010
  10. 1997
  11. 2009
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  13. 1941
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  15. 1966
  16. 1973
  17. 1990
  18. 1978
  19. 1954
  20. 1948
  21. 2002
  22. 1957
  23. 1940
  24. 1998
About the next year: I AM SO DAMN SORRY! I've just realised that The Whisperers was removed from Youtube! I'm so f-ing nervous right now. I'm feeling very sorry but I'm going to do another great year instead. I'm so sorry again. Really, really sorry. Basically, the poll was useless and I didn't get the other movies of the years in the poll. So I had to think quick. And I have my year, which is (I promise) a great one. It's an incredibly similar one to 1997 and not only in the types of roles (single mom, royal) but also some people. :)

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Next year has to be 2006, right? Dench and Winslet are there, plus The Queen.

dinasztie said...

Maybe. :)

Louis Morgan said...

Good work as usual, I probably should not have have overestimated Winslet.

Anonymous said...

I knew Helena would get it :)

My guess for the next year is 2006.

joe burns said...

I knew Helena would win when I read your review, but I'm happy about it, she's certainly deserving!

YAY for 2006! Fabuloous year, so interesting, and it's a sentimental favorite for me, since it was the first Best Actress year I did.

Fritz said...

Great work as always! I thought that Helen would probably not win but I can't complain since I have only seen her and Kate yet.

Chelsea said...

Yay! I love Helena, she so deserved to win! Hey btw, I really love this blog of yours. Great idea and greatly maintained too. Keep it up :D

Anonymous said...

All of your reviews say basically the same thing over and over again it's like you dont have other words or maybe you just don't know how to review anything.
Each review is like "this is a magnificent performance by a great talent"nothing else you should read roger ebert review so you can learn some stuff.