Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Next Year


So the nominees were:
  • Liza Minnelli in Cabaret
  • Diana Ross in Lady Sings the Blues
  • Maggie Smith in Travels with my Aunt
  • Cicely Tyson in Sounder
  • Liv Ullmann in The Emigrants
Wow, a fantastic looking year once again, I'm so excited.

What do you think? How do you pick? What are your predictions for my ranking (the contest is on)?


Anonymous said...

I doubt anyone can beat Liza.

Louis Morgan said...

Minnelli seems like a safe bet, but I imagine only Ullmann could possibly upset.

1. Minnelli
2. Ullmann
3. Smith
4. Ross
5. Tyson

dinasztie said...

Well, I've only seen Liza in advance so who knows? Her profile will be the first, I think.

joe burns said...

LIZA, LIZA, LIZA!!!! I haven't seen the others though..

Anonymous said...

1. Liza Minnelli.
2. Cicely Tyson.
3. Liv Ullmann.
4. Diana Ross.
5. Maggie Smith.

Anonymous said...

Such an interesting year! Ullmann is one of the greatest ever, Tyson is a legend, but Minnelli - sad and funny in the same breath – is too iconic to pass up.

Anonymous said...

This year does look rather interesting. I just watched Shame, so I'm on something of a Liv Ullmann high so:

1. Liza Minnelli
2. Liv Ullmann
3. Cicely Tyson
4. Diana Ross
5. Maggie Smith

Anonymous said...

For me its between Liza and Cecily.I've never understood love for Ullmann as an actress.