Friday, June 24, 2011

The Final Conclusion - Best Actress 1975


So the much anticipated ranking is:

Shame on the Academy. I'm sure this performance has its share of fans but I'm a staunch naysayer to this one. Not only is it ridiculous at some points, but it's also unbearably boring. The best thing that I can say about this performance that it's certainly unforgettable though in this case being forgettable would be way better.

I'm just as stunned about this as you are. While I expected her to become my pick, I was really disappointed by Glenda Jackson in Hedda. The movie itself had a lot to do with that but still. Althuogh this performance also has its share of fans, I'm not one of them, either. Personally, I would expect more from Glenda.

You might be surprised that she's only third as I seemed reallly fond of her in my review. To tell the truth, I would have praised any great performance to graces after Ann-Margret. Still, Kane is really good as Gitl, her presence is just lovely and I really cared about her and was interested in what comes to her next.

I used to be stunned by the fact that she won but right now I'm not that shocked considering her competition. Although she's supporting, she still pulls off a great performance as the evil Nurse Ratched and she indeed created an iconic character. It's just that I wasn't that blown away by her work in this movie.

The saving grace. The shining light. My only hope. If it wasn't for Adjani's performance, I would stop reviewing after this horrid year. Thankfully, Adjani is just astonishing as Adèle Hugo, giving one of the most interesting and unique performances that I've ever seen. She's so full of passion, drama and romance that it's a real emotional joy to see her. Her beauty and talent shines through the movie and makes it even better than it already is.

So I can proudly announce
the winner is...
Isabelle Adjani
The Story of Adele H.
Easy win.
Final thoughts: Horrible year, arguably the worst one ever. Only Isabelle Adjani was really, truly worthy of the Oscar, the others... Wow. Fletcher, Kane and Jackson were all good, I just wasn't amazed by them. The ranking could have been any way. I don't even want to talk about Ann-Margret. I guess my thoughts on this year weren't exactly loved, to put it delicately, sorry about that.
About the next: this year was requested by the winner of the last predicting contest and it's full of romance and grief.

What do you think? Any thoughts on your mind?


Anonymous said...

Yes! Isabelle won, there was really no other way to go, she was perfect and far away from her competition! I have no idea about what year Fritz chose!

Sage Slowdive said...

You need to do another year like this - 2003 is a good example, or 1993.

Anonymous said...

2003, 2003! or 1967, a very strong year (Evans, Dunaway, Bancroft, Hepburn)

Alex in Movieland said...

I agree about Hedda. Glenda's performance in it is very underwhelming. but the whole film is a mess to begin with.

dinasztie said...

OK, I already promised to do 2003 but I still haven't got In America. Then I'll do it though if 2003 is like 1975, I won't be very keen to do it. I don't believer, though, that it could get any worse than this. :D

2001 is the next year, it's no secret. :)

joe burns said...

I disagree about Glenda, I thought she was terrific.

Give us more of a hint for the next year!

dinasztie said...

Telling which year it is is enough of a hint, I think. :)