Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Next Year


So the nominees were:
  • Susan Hayward in I Want to Live!
  • Deborah Kerr in Separate Tables
  • Shirley MacLaine in Some Came Running
  • Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame
  • Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Wow, an interesting looking year but I don't have any idea how my ranking will look like. At the time, a whole country wanted Susan Hayward to finally win and her triumph was one of the most applauded ones (if not the one) in history. Many people are still talking about that year with sweet memories, so we'll see if I go with America's pick of the time or somebody else.

What do you think? Who's your pick? What are your predictions?


joe burns said...

I've only seen Hayward here, and she is fantastic! Hope she wins! But I have a feeling she won't. You could be a hater.

Louis Morgan said...

I have some how seen basically the opposite of Joe, everyone but the winner. I think I probably will watch her soon though to complete this year. This one is rather hard to predict since Hayward is dividing, and the others beside Taylor are rarely ever mentioned.

1. Hayward
2. Taylor
3. Russell
4. Kerr
5. MacLaine

dinasztie said...

Louis: I agree. This is extremely hard to predict, I don't even have any idea. :)

Anonymous said...

I really hope you like Shirlz!