Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Next Year


So the nominees were:
  • Halle Berry in Monster's Ball
  • Judi Dench in Iris
  • Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge!
  • Sissy Spacek in In the Bedroom
  • Renée Zellweger in Bridget Jones's Diary
A requested year and a great one, I think. Any normal, usual year would be a relief after 1975.

What do you think? What's your ranking? What do you predict for my ranking?


mrripley said...

Sissy hands down whether dragging furiously on a ciggy,putting her arm on her sons arm watching a game,slapping marisa tomei,smashing plates,i simply adore her ruth,best scene the confession to the priest,i like zellweger but feels it isn't an oscar performance,kidman is better in the 2nd half of moulin rouge when she and the film settle down,dench is solid if unspecctacular,berry is uneven but in certain scenes she is so deserving - i always liked her 1st meeting with her death row husband,the sex scene i really dislike!!!

my ran

1 - spacek
2 - kidman
3 - dench
4 - berry
5 - zellweger

Fritz said...

I love this year, every performance at least got 4 Luises from me. Really happy that you do this! And I hope you love Nicole!

I have no idea for your ranking, but I try:

1. Sissy Spacek
2. Halle Berry
3. Nicole Kidman
4. Judi Dench
5. Renée Zellweger

Anonymous said...

I vote for Spacek or Dench. I like Nicole Kidman and Renée Zellweger, and I'm not a fan of Halle Berry in this movie.

My ranking:

1. Spacek
2. Dench
3. Zellveger
4. Kidman
5. Berry

Anonymous said...

Well, I've seen all but Dench, I think your ranking will be something like:

1. Spacek.
2. Kidman.
3. Berry.
4. Dench.
5. Zellweger.

Dazzling Aura said...

i hope you like Berry. I actually like this year. Have seen all the performances.

Louis Morgan said...

Hard to say how this one will go actually, as three people might fend for the top.

1. Spacek
2. Berry
3. Kidman
4. Zellweger
5. Dench

Malcolm said...

I have only seen Spacek, Kidman, and Zellweger and all are great!

My predictions:

1. Kidman
2. Zellweger
3. Spacek
4. Berry
5. Dench

No idea.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely sensing a Sissy win here like everybody else. But Judi or Halle could upset. Nicole and Renee have no chance.

1. Spacek
2. Dench
3. Berry
4. Kidman
5. Zellweger

dinasztie said...

Almost all of you expect me to pick Sissy. :)

I'll finish this year quite fast. It's gonna be over on Saturday.

mrripley said...

come on my breath is baited!!!

Anonymous said...

Nicole Kidman for the Win!
her role is marvelous as her interpretion!
One of the most beautiful part written for a female actor! "She sings, She Dances, She dies" Splendid

my ranking!

01. Kidman
02. Spacek
03. Zellweger
04. Dench
05. Berry

joe burns said...

Probably Spacek, but this year could anywhere.

dinasztie said...

Sorry, I'm starting tomorrow. I'm really exausted, I was travelling a couple of hundred miles today, so I won't be able to write today. Tomorrow, I'll start.

dinasztie said...

But I'll finish this year until Saturday.