Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Next Year


So the nominees were:
  • Marie-Christine Barrault in Cousin Cousine
  • Faye Dunaway in Network
  • Talia Shire in Rocky
  • Sissy Spacek in Carrie
  • Liv Ullmann in Face to Face
A three-way race to many, we'll see how these ladies will do with me. :)

What do you think? What's your ranking? What's your prediction for my ranking?


Louis Morgan said...

The top three probably could go anyway making predictions rather difficult.


Fritz said...

Very difficult to predict since three of those performances are very popular...

I'll just guess:

1. Ullmann
2. Spacek
3. Dunaway
4. Barrault
5. Shire

ThiagoTos said...

This year is so great.

Won't you rank the nominees anymore? I liked it =/

Anonymous said...

I liked it too! You should go on ranking them!

Anonymous said...

They're all good, minus Shire.

Anonymous said...

I like the new design og the blog ;-) My predictions:

1. Liv Ullmann
2. Sissy Spacek
3. Faye Dunaway
4. Marie Christine Barrault
5. Talia Shire

Anonymous said...

I agree that Shire's basically out of out, but think Barrault could surprise here.

1. Ullmann
2. Spacek
3. Barrault
4. Dunaway
5. Shire

Alex in Movieland said...

I'm one of the very few that don't like Dunaway.

you'll go for Liv.

joe burns said...

I think you'll go with Liv or Faye, I'm not feeling a Sissy win here.

Shire is mediocre, Barrault is quite good, Sissy is great, Faye is fantastic, and Liv is a revelation.

Anonymous said...

I think you will go with Liv. I absolutely hope you love Barrault and I'm guessing you will like Spacek very much. All three are brilliant, just perfect.

Anonymous said...

Liv Ullmann was one of the best actresses of the 60s and 70s, and a favorite of mine.

1. Liv Ullmann
2. Sissy Spacek
3. Faye Dunaway
4. Marie-Christine Barrault
5. Talia Shire


Malcolm said...


1. Ullman
2. Dunaway
3. Spacek
4. Barrault
5. Shire

I don't hate Shire. I even like her performance here. I just don't think she deserved to win.

Anonymous said...

Shire did nothing, all the others were great, I'd choose Dunaway but I'm sure you will go with Spacek or Ullmann. Can't wait for Dunaway's review, could you start with her???!!

dinasztie said...

Wow, so hapy about the comments.

I'll rank the winners later I just didn't have time. :) Don't worry the ranking will come back. :D

moviefilm said...

I have seen Spacek, Dunaway and Shire. Dunaway was the best and Shire the worst. But your pick will probably be:

1) Sissy Spacek
2) Liv Ullmann
3) Faye Dunaway
4) Marie-Christine Barrault
5) Talia Shire

Anonymous said...

I think Shire is better than Speack cuz she pulled tht movie at the end she came out her not dating shell than Speack and by the way, Shire is sooo much better lookin than her:) i dont hate Speack i just dont think she play a good shy person like Shire did. Shire suppose to be the ok one cuz she was a shy woman!!! U twit!!

1. Dunway
2. Shire
3. Speack
4. Barrault
5. Ullmann

Anonymous said...

Shire i would say the best!!!! Then its dunway but im mad, i think Shire could hve won cuz she had play the best role out of all the movies she play but godfather

Anonymous said...

All are the best but Ullmann like she is a big minus or fat zero!

Anonymous said...

The greatest and prettiest:
1) Talia Shire - she sooo fuckin hot yo and awesome for a shy nerd at the beginning!!!
2) Sissy Speack- shes a hottie but werid lookin too but shes great:)
3) Faye Dunway - is kool and cute too i think shes fantasic but talia or sissy should had won cuz they were shy unnormal women!!!
5) Ulimann- i dont know her movies tht muh to say i like her in i was born in 1945.
6) Barrault- nah. Who cares

dinasztie said...

Glad to know Shire has fans who don't know the number 4 :P :P