Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Next Year


So the nominees were:
  • Julie Christie in McCabe & Mrs. Miller
  • Jane Fonda in Klute
  • Glenda Jackson in Sunday Bloody Sunday
  • Vanessa Redgrave in Mary, Queen of Scots
  • Janet Suzman in Nicholas and Alexandra

Since Joe is also doing this year, I hope you don't mind if I do it, too and it won't get boring for you. I was just sooooooooooo desperate to do this year (that was exactly 40 years ago) my 40th and I desperately wanted to make Jane's Klute my 200th reviewed performance (that's one of the most special Oscar nominees for me EVER and not because I'm a die-hard Fonda-fan, it was way before that). So for the 40th time...

What do you think? What's your ranking? What's your prediction for my ranking?

Note: The much-missed overall ranking will come after I finish this year, don't worry. I just have some trouble placing the ladies. Hopefully, my torture will end. :)


Fritz said...

My prediction:

1. Jane Fonda (I guess she's a lock)
2. Glenda
3. Julie
4. Vanessa
5. Janet

dinasztie said...

I'd say Jane has a very good chance of winning. :D

Josep said...

My prediction is the same as Fritz

Alex in Movieland said...

your ranking might be


I bet the first 4 will all get at least 4.5/5 rating. :D

dinasztie said...

Well, I'm feeling ultra generous now so it might be. :D

Louis Morgan said...

1. Fonda
2. Jackson
3. Christie
4. Redgrave
5. Suzman

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 40 years! I have yet to get one of these predictions right, but I always have fun doing them! :)

1. Fonda
2. Christie
3. Jackson
4. Redgrave
5. Suzman

dinasztie said...

Derek: The secret of good predicting is thinking with the head of the other blogger. Consider previous preferences and such. :D Even if you use that, you'll get it right only 1 in 10 times. :D

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that Fonda will win and she was amazing!!! I really hope you like Christie who I think was amazing! I agree with Fritz ranking, I think the surprise will be, between Jackson and Christie, who you'll prefer.

mrripley said...

I think Jackson will surprise becuase she is stellar in sbs but many critics feel Christie's perf is her best and many think she shoulda
won in 71,i think Redgrave will be last!!!

joe burns said...

It's fine! Actually, it's great because we can see how our thoughts compare.

My prediction is the same as Louis and Fritz's.

Anonymous said...

Jane Fonda,with Glenda Jackson in a close second.


Malcolm said...

I haven't seen any of them. Predictions:

1. Fonda
2. Jackson
3. Christie
4. Suzman
5. Redgrave

dinasztie said...

Ok, I'm writing another comment only because I'm superstitious and don't want to have 13. :D

mrripley: You're quite brave to predict Glenda. Well, no guts, no glory. :D