Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Final Conclusion - Best Actress 1982


So the much anticipated ranking is:

I'm not saying that Julie Andrews gives a bad performance in Victor Victoria. Although I was very amused by her occasionally, she didn't make her character as a fake drag queen very believable or interesting. It's not even really her fault, the part is just not right for her. She solves the comedy parts quite well, but she was not able to give a really layered performance. 

Sissy Spacek was able to get something out of her one-dimensional character. While her performance is far from dreary, she's not able to reveal as many layers of this character as she can with other roles. Although I appreciate the massive amount of talent and effort that she put into this part, I'm simply not impressed by her work in this movie. Something is really missing. 

Debra Winger is incredibly great in An Officer and a Gentleman, giving a deeply layered, very emotional and haunting performance that didn' cease to amaze me. She gets so much out of this seemingly one-dimensional character with the help of her wonderful, beautiful presence. She's just wonderful all around.

To say that Meryl Streep is great in Sophie's Choice would be a major understatement. She goes beyond the boundaries of acting and completely becomes Sophie Zawistowska. While the technical part of this performance is brutally perfect, it also strikes you emotionally. Nothing can compare to the horror and pain that Meryl displays on the screen. 

Jessica Lange is downright brilliant as Frances Farmer. Everything about her is just sheer perfection: her turbulent presence, her very emotional and passionate acting and her ability to keep control of her character. I'm not willing to say yet that this is her best work (I need to see more), but it's definitely a front-runner for that prize. Chilling, marvelous, terrifying, brutally amazing job from a great, great actress.

So I can proudly announce
that the winner is...
Jessica Lange
A really tough one.

Final thoughts: Overall, a good year, with two brilliant performances. First I thought the choice would be a real Sophie's choice but in the end and it was and eventually, it's Jessica, which was surprising considering how long I had been championing Meryl's performance (I still do). I really loved Debra though she didn't even come close. The other two were pretty much forgettable. 

And now the clues: 
  • Cowardice. Cowardice. 
  • But what if you don't like what I got to say? :)
What do you think? 


JC said...


Excited to hear your reviews for this year's nominees, especially Streep. =)

Louis Morgan said...

There was no doubt who was going to win here and nor should there have been.

Fritz said...

Great work!

I hope you'll do 1981 soon (I am dying to get my hands on Only when I laugh!)

dinasztie said...

Well, I also hope to do it soon. :)

joe burns said...

I knew Meryl would win! I hope you do 1988 soon!