Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Next Year


So the nominees were:
  • Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria
  • Jessica Lange in Frances
  • Sissy Spacek in Missing
  • Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice
  • Debra Winger in An Officer and a Gentleman

So after all, I did this year, which was really trending this time last year. There are many reasons why I'm doing it but it needs a long explanation. 

What do you think? Who's your pick? What's your prediction for my ranking? :) 

And with these five ladies, I wish you a very happy, succesful new year! Thanks a lot for your attention so far, writing for you is a real delight!


Louis Morgan said...

I doubt anyone can beat Streep.

1. Streep
2. Lange
3. Winger
4. Andrews
5. Spacek

joe burns said...

MERYL!!!!!!!!!! An interesting year though!

Happy new year to you too!

Derek Bowman said...

A very interesting year! Streep is great, Andrews is ok, and I found Winger to be quite awful.

1. Meryl Streep
2. Jessica Lange
3. Sissy Spacek
4. Julie Andrews
5. Debra Winger

Cole said...

I know everyone finds Streep the best here! but according to me Jessica Lange should be the winner! her performance was nothing short of spectacular in Frances. The movie is overall not quite good, as Sophie's choice but her performance OMG!! Streep is a close second, her performance is magnificient.

My prediction:

01. Streep
02. Lange
03. Andrews
04. Winger
05. Spacek

annd I hope:

01. Lange
02. Streep
03. Andrews
04. Spacek
05. Winger

Anonymous said...

Streep will definitely win althought I certainly prefer Lange's perfect performance. I'm sure you'll like Spacek but not that much, you'll probably hate Winger and you'll probably like Andrews.

My prediction:

1. Streep.
2. Lange.
3. Andrews.
4. Spacek.
5. Winger.

moviefilm said...

My prediction:
1) Meryl Streep
2) Sissy Spacek
3) Jessica Lange
4) Julie Andrews
5) Debra Winger

mrripley said...

I think this is perfect when Meryl could pick up her 2nd best actress oscar in 2012.

i too prefer Lange to Streep i would have given it to Streep in 83 and 95,Spacek is 3rd with Winger 4th and Andrews 5th the last 2 would not make my ballot in 82 at all,Diane Keaton in shot the moon and Sandy Dennis in Come back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean are my 4 and 5 for 82.

anyone else in 82 who was snubbed,any offers.

dinasztie said...

mrripley: Yes, my doing this year has a lot to do with Meryl's possible third but also with the fact that Jessica will probably get a GG for her chilling and deliciously campy work in American Horror Story. I kind of wanted to review them both and this was the perfect opportunity.

Thanks for the suggestions! :)

hey deanie said...

Happy New Year. Excited to see your thoughts on Winger even though I'm just about completely sure she won't be your pick.

hey deanie said...

My predictions: 1. Streep/2. Lange/3. Winger/4. Spacek/5. Andrews

Derek Bowman said...

Do you watch American Horror Story? I loooove it. Jessica deserves that Golden Globe, and will probably win it. The HFPA loves their stars.

dinasztie said...

Derek: Yes, I watch it. :D I have only seen the first four episodes but I love it. She really deserves to win. And I don't really see her losing.

triton9999 said...

1 lange
2 streep
3 andrews
4 spacek
5 winger

daniel from argentina

billy said...

I'm wondering when do you plan to do 2007 with cotillard?

I'm dying to know what you think about her performance.

love your reviews :)

dinasztie said...

Billy: I was planning to do 2007 soon so don't worry. :)

Fritz said...

Thank you a lot for your wonderful wishes on my blog! :-)

Prosit Neujahr, lieber Freund!
Nimm es an, wie es gemeint.
Glück das neue Jahr dir bringe,
was du unternimmst, gelinge!

Now, for 1982. Meryl cannot loose this, I remember you gave her like 100 stars when you did 1982 the last time. My guess for your ranking:

1. Meryl
2. Jessica
3. Debra
4. Julie
5. Sissy

mrripley said...

Where are these posts,people keep saying the last time but i can't find them anywhere.

dinasztie said...

Well, I have them in my archives, I did some short rankings like Sage does with supp actresses now. :) Those "last times" are kind of irrelevant for me. Julie Walters for instance was my fourth choice and Jane Alexander was #1 for me then. :)

Anonymous said...

Easily Meryl Streep:

1. Meryl
2. Jessica
3. Sissy (my own second place)
4. Debra
5. Julie


dinasztie said...

Eddie: You're not the only one who likes Sissy that much. Personally, I'm very much looking forward to review her to find out what I think of her a couple of years later.