Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Next Year


So the nominees are:
  • Glenn Close in Albert Nobbs
  • Viola Davis in The Help
  • Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady
  • Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn
So, another year has come and as of now, the race is very exciting. All of them have a more or less legitimate shot at winning (except for maybe Rooney) so we'll just have to wait until SAG announces (tonight) :). 

But more importantly ;), who will get my vote? What do you think? Can Meryl get her third win from me (and become my first consecutive winner)? Or will I go with one of the four other fantastic ladies, including Great Glenn? Who's your pick? What's your prediction for my ranking? (I'm really interested in that) :) 


JC said...


1. Streep
2. Close
3. Mara
4. Davis
5. Williams

Methinks this is going to be a great year, for you. =)

greysie said...

1. Meryl
2. Viola
3. Rooney
4. Glenn
5. Michelle
Have you seen Tilda? Do you think she deserve the nomination among Glenn or Rooney?

dinasztie said...

No greysie, I haven't seen her but I'm planning to. I just don't have much time. I'll be happy if I'm able to see all the Best Actress nominees and The Artist before the Oscars.

Anonymous said...

Williams is the best. My ranking:

moviefilm said...

1) Meryl Streep
2) Viola Davis
3) Glenn Close
4) Michelle Williams
5) Rooney Mara

joe burns said...

I think you'll go with Meryl, here's my predictions:

1. Meryl
2. Viola
3. Rooney
4. Close
5. Williams

It's hard to say what'll you think of Rooney and Williams though.

Fritz said...

It's impossible to do a prediction when I haven't seen a single on of those performances but I will just try:

1. Glenn
2. Meryl
3. Viola
4. Michelle
5. Rooney

Anonymous said...

1 Meryl
2 Glenn
3 Michelle
4 Viola
5 Rooney

Daniel from Argentina

dinasztie said...

Wow, you all expect me not to love Michelle that much. I haven't seen her yet (I can only review her after 16th February) but I sort of expect to love her. :) But you know... I have yet to see her and Meryl as well. :)

Viola's review comes on Tuesday. That's 100% sure, I've already written it, I just timed it for Tuesday.

Louis Morgan said...

Hmm a hard one to predict, as I have no idea how you respond to a few of the performances which are a bit divisive.

1. Mara
2. Williams
3. Davis
4. Streep
5. Close

Insanely random to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I finally saw Albert Nobbs today and was pleasantly surprised by both Close and the film itself. I don't know who you will pick, I could see any of the five winning for you.

Mine, like Louis's are pretty random.

1. Rooney Mara
2. Meryl Streep
3. Michelle Williams
4. Viola Davis
5. Glenn Close

oct30 said...

This set of nominees is extremely divisive, most people seem to love or hate these performances with not much middle ground. I preferred Close' quiet and haunting performance the most - it was all in the eyes.

I predict you will rank:
1. Rooney Mara
2. Viola Davis
3. Glenn Close
4. Meryl Streep
5. Michelle Williams

oct30 said...

Have you seen Charlize Theron or Elizabeth Olsen yet?

dinasztie said...

No, unfortunately not. But I'm really looking forward to watching them.

Joe said...

My rankings