Monday, January 16, 2012

Thoughts on the Golden Globes (and the award season)

So the Golden Globe Awards were held yesterday (here in Hungary, it's today LOL) and I'm here with very mixed feelings. Really, what was going on? This was one of the worst shows EVER, but more on that later. Frankly, I was more excited and satisfied about the TV awards this year than the film categories. There was NOTHING really surprising and unfortunately everything went according to plan. Frankly, I was hoping that this award season will remain as exciting as it was till the Critics' Choice.

First let's see what I hated about the show: 

1. Ricky Gervais: Let's face it, he was a disgrace last year but at least he was funny. He did NOTHING funny at all, whenever he came to the stage, he just said something lame and vulgar. Plus he barely had any time.

2. Madonna talking back to Gervais: Seriously, I appreciate her "bravery", but seriously, it was a clumsy try. 

3. Utter boredom: absolutely no suspense, no star power, bored and boring presenters. They showed Dustin Hoffman several times almost falling asleep. Honestly, I don't blame him. Moreover, the speeches were absolutely boring and uninteresting. 

4. Showing Viola's and Great Glenn's losing reactions way too many times: They were pretty disappointed about losing, they tried to keep a straight face, rather unsuccesfully (especially Viola). I really felt sorry that they couldn't keep their disappointment to themselves. I felt very sorry for them but it seems that the director of the show had some sadistic pleasure at showing their disappointment. 

5. No surprises: Seriously, why did they have to pick these very obvious winners? As I said, I had much more fun in the TV categories than the movies. 

But there were lots of things that I liked (there were quite a few, actually), but they weren't enough for me to be impressed: 

1. Meryl winning: seriously, that woman is a treasure. It's HIGH time for her to win that third, it really is. But why is she raving about Viola in her own speech? OK, she's very gracious. 

2. Jessica Lange and Claire Danes winning: Seriously, Claire Danes gave the performance of last year, TV, movie, theatre, whatever. I can't believe that she's not getting an Oscar movie. She has more talent than most of the Best Actress contenders of the previous years combined (Anne Hathaway, Ellen Page, Reese Witherspoon, Keira Knightley or even Natalie Portman {who was astonishing in Black Swan but frankly way weaker than Claire}  cannot even hold a candle to her). Seriously what she did in Homeland was the best performance by an actress in TV since Edie Falco's Carmela Soprano (also Homeland is the best series since The Sopranos, IMO). And boy is she beautiful! Moreover, Jessica Lange's deliciously campy, creepy Constance won her a fifth Globe. I'm in love with her. That's all. 

3. Modern Family's speech: Sofía Vergara was spot on. I feel kind of sorry for her but this was Jessica's year. Sofia was ROBBED last year, though.

4. Matt Le Blanc winning: I'm the biggest Friends fan and getting to see him winning a Globe was so cool (I always thought about the episode of Friends called "The One with Joey's Award"). Plus, he was terrific in Episodes.

5. Octavia Spencer: Seriously, that woman cannot be lovelier if she tried. End of the story. Love her. 

But seriously, above all, I loved one moment (don't act as if you're surprised):

JANE FONDA PRESENTING: The absolute highlight of this awful night. a) She was the sexiest person in the room (along with Helen Mirren and Sofia Vergara) b) She was presenting Best Picture (which she will hopefully also do at the Oscars) c) She's f-ing Jane Fonda, the best ever, so shut up. :) She was really the shining light that I was longing for. Thank God! :) 

OK, Jane made me VERY happy but I'm still disappointed. Frankly, I'm not feeling that award season madness and crazy, buzzy atmosphere that I so love. I was actually quite calm during the ceremonies, only Best Actress - Drama gave me some heartbeats. 

On the prediction front: On Goldderby, I did brilliantly with TV predictions and I was 11th in the ranking, I'm so proud. I did shitty on the movie front but just because I dared to think we would get some surprises. And honestly, if I listened to my guts instead of others, I would have bet on Laura Dern and would have had a perfect 100% score in TV.

Frankly, I was looking forward to SAG but now I cannot be more neutral. Of course, we'll see Octavia, Plummer, Clooney winning with only minimal suspense in Best Actress. I guess it might be Viola after all but something tells me, Meryl will get the Oscar. But I won't believe it until I see it because I learned from past disappointments (shut up about 2009).

What do YOU think?


Louis Morgan said...

Yes unfortunately it is now becoming very predictable. Actress seems like the only one open at all at the moment, hopefully Sag will shake things up a bit, unfortunately though Supporting actor seems completely sewn up now just like the last few years.

Anonymous said...

Davis will probably win SAG, Williams will win Bafta(the love her film). Until envelope's open we won't know who takes Oscar in this 3 horse race.

joe burns said...

To me, Martin winning was a huge surprise!!!!!!!!!!

I also felt Viola would win over Meryl, to bad she didn't. That puts Meryl ahead for the win.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this. It was a really boring evening altogether. The best parts were the Laura Dern/Matt LeBlanc wins which made me so happy both those shows are great.

And please please please don't let Meryl win the Oscar for this performance. It just isn't even close to the rest of her work.

Anonymous said...

The BA race isn't over yet - Meryl is still as vulnerable as she has ever been.

dinasztie said...

She is vulnerable but I think ir's in fact Michelle that threatens her. Pundits are overestimating Viola's chances. BFCA is them and their awards are Oscar predictors so I guess that's why she won. I think SAG will go to Meryl for many reasons I don't want to write down in detail now. It's Meryl vs. Michelle for me like it was Julie vs. Marion.

mrripley said...

I still feels it is a 3 horse race,the help will be a best pic nominee,2 co stars nominated a possible adapted screenplay nod plus a few technical nods,mwwm will probably get 3 at most,the iron lady 3 maybe and the last slots are swinton and mara i am beginning to think glenn will have to settle for a song nom but she will win that,theron and dunst are long shots.

dinasztie said...

Well, mrripley, I'm starting to just agree with you. I kind of also feel/HOPE that Best Actor will turn out differently as Clooney will be a terrible winner. Best Actress is the one with the suspense, though.

I'm kind of feeling Meryl's getting SAG, but Michelle (in an upset) will get BAFTA. They love MWWM. But Viola can easily win SAG as well. Difficult one.

Anonymous said...

Yay! You're a Friends fan! I like that, a lot. I Love your blog, it's amazing. I don't like that Meryl won the oscar.(Again, you know. And I do think Berenice Bejo was amazing in The Artist) If you look at Spencer's performances, they are all the same. Well that's just my opinion, and I did like The Help. and Iron Lady. Okay sorry now I'm just going on and on. But I Adore you still. Keep on posting!