Saturday, October 31, 2009

Latest Oscar-winner seen: A Touch of Class (1973)

Now everyone should make a promise: don't listen to alarmists who say that xy's Oscar win is so awful that it's the worst ever and so on. Decide it yourself! It's my experience with Glenda Jackson's performance in A Touch of Class. She deserved that award!
The movie itself was also a very pleasant surprise. It was really entertaining, there were no boring moments in it, the dialogues were really witty, the performances were flawless. We have everything for a should-see movie.
A married American man (George Segal) starts an affair with a sharp-tongued English divorcee (Jackson). In some time the light affair turns out to be much more.
I really love British movies from any times. I just love to watch London in the seventies, everything was so cool back than and it's wonderful to see 36 years later.
The performances as I've already said are brilliant: George Segal should have received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, because he's just hilarious, but he also adds some humanity to that selfish character. Glenda Jackson was also excellent, her line-readings and her timing is marvellous, I think she really earned that Oscar. I also have to mention Paul Sorvino as the friend of George Segal.
The screenplay is by all means flawless. It could also have received an award, even though The Sting's screenplay was great too. So it's a sort of win-lose game.
So, to sum up this was a delightful experience for me, and I would kindly rewatch this film any time.
My Grade: 9/10
Nominations: Best Picture, Best Actress (Glenda Jackson, WON), Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Song ("All That Love Went to Waste", Best Original Dramatic Score
My wins: Best Actress (but only in that field, on my award show Tatum O'Neal would win in this category), Best Original Song (I don't like The Way We Were sorry)

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