Saturday, October 31, 2009


The year is 1973 and the category is Best Picture. Five nominees, three masterpieces and two highly entertaining flicks. This was a really though film and ANY of the first three masterpieces could have won. So the nominees were:
• American Graffiti
• Cries and Whispers
• The Exorcist
• The Sting
• A Touch of Class

So my ranking is:
1. Cries and Whispers: This is the best film ever. End of the story. Of course you cannot expect the Academy to give the highest honor to a Swedish movie. It would have deserved it though.
2. American Graffiti: This one comes close. Probably the greatest film about becoming an adult, leaving high school and your home. Plus the music and the atmosphere is also brilliant.
3. The Exorcist: One of the greatest horrors ever made. So chilling, so scary, so funny, so disgusting... so brilliant.
4. The Sting: Not nearly as perfect as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but this is a good one too. The twist in the end is probably one of the greatest ones ever. Of course you cannot ignore that the leads are two legends.
5. A Touch of Class: Nothing to add to my previous review. Except that this nomination is quite deserved, even if some say this is a bad film. It is not.

So what's your opinion about the subject? I can't wait to get COMMENTS! :-)

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