Thursday, October 29, 2009

Smackdown I

I guess I'm in a kind of haze, so I'm going to keep on writing.
So the year is 2001 and the category is Best Supporting Actress for the third time. So the nominees were:
• Jennifer Conelly in A Beautiful Mind (WINNER)
• Helen Mirren in Gosford Park
• Maggie Smith in Gosford Park
• Marisa Tomei in Int the Bedroom
• Kate Winslet in Iris

And my ranking is:
1. Helen Mirren in Gosford Park: It was a tough decision and she won me over Marisa Tomei only by a tiny little hair. Mirren is a masterful actress, who I believe did not give her best movie performance in The Queen, but in Gosford Park. It's a performance which you can fully appreciate and understand at a second view, but even if you see it for the first time her last scenes are heartbreaking.
2. Marisa Tomei in In the Bedroom: Marisa is one of the greatest supporting actresses nowadays. I believe that by now she should have two Oscars (one for My Cousin Vinny and one for The Wrestler) and maybe even a third one for In the Bedroom. I chose Mirren over her because her Mrs. Wilson stayed in my mind a bit longer than Marisa. But great and compelling work anyway.
3. Maggie Smith in Gosford Park: Oh, dear Dame Maggie, she can do NO wrong. This was a wonderful and hilarious performance in Gosford Park. She deserved her other wins, but this time the competition was stronger than her, but she plays her character masterfully.
4. Jennifer Connelly in A Beautiful Mind: I think she gives Marcia Gay Harden's performance again in this boring movie. She's boring too and there's nothing special about her. She was way better in Requiem for a Dream.
5. Kate Winslet in Iris: This performance has left my mind as fast as possible. She was good of course, well she's Kate Winslet, but this is definitely not her best work. Judi Dench completely outshined her.

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joe burns said...

I would have picked Tomei. Connelly was TERRIBLE, in my opinion. My ranking; 1. Marisa Tomei 2. Kate Winslet 3. Helen Mirren 4. Maggie Smith 5. Jenniffer Connelly