Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Final Conclusion - Best Actress 1941

The much anticipated ranking:

This is a good performance by a great actress, who's unfortunately rarely talked about nowadays. Although Joan's achievement as Lina is quite uneven and a bit unimpressive, there's something interesting and enjoyable about her that makes you keep watching.

After all, I can say that this is a beautiful performance, which might a bit weak and rushed at times, but it's often very moving. Although it's quite forgotten nowadays, I think it shouldn't be, since it is one of the most lovely performances of a great talent. Although it may not be flawless, I still liked it a lot.

Although sometimes Olivia's performance in this movie is a bit slow-paced, she's still able to be very impressive and loveable. I'm not saying that I was blown away, but I was quite impressed by her this time around. Well done.

I can say that Barbara Stanwyck is just great as Sugarpuss O'Shea in Ball of Fire, and despite the fact that I did not expect that much from this performance and that the screentime was working against her, I was certainly really impressed by Barbara and wanted to see more of her.

I can say after all, that Bette Davis gives one of her strongest and most memorable performances as Regina Giddens, the greedy Southern woman. She put all her experience and knowledge into it, worked hard, made it all look easy and created one of the greatest and most complex characters of the 1940s. An excellent, chilling work of a great actress. Bravo.

So I can proudly announce
that my winner is...
Bette Davis
The Little Foxes
You could at least stand up Bette! :)

  • Barbara Stanwyck in The Lady Eve *My Pick*
Final thoughts: A very strong year. Ranking was quite easy this time, everything went smoothly, I'm quite sure about myself this time. And I like that. This was pretty much unpredictable, since I did not know myself what I would think about this year. Bette was the clear winner (predictably), but the others were very good too. Olivia was the pleasant surprise for me as I usually don't like her, but this time she really impressed me. She grew on me, really. Greer and Barbara (love her) were very-very good and Joan was simply good. After all, I was happy to do this year finally (and I wanted to do it for a while).

About the next year: It's going to be a very-very exciting and strong year, which I'm really looking forward to reviewing. I'm just saying the clues that are quotes from the movies.
  • I just want to be perfect!
  • Marriage is hard.
  • I'm not feeling bad enough for you!


Anonymous said...

Love it :)

Let's hope our thoughts on this year won't differ that much :P

dinasztie said...

Glad you love it. OMG, you won't like Natalie. I really need to relax... :D

Fritz said...

No surprise here! Great work:

dinasztie said...

Thank you Fritz. It's always such a delight when I get positive feedback.

Louis Morgan said...

My prediction was close, but not quite. Good work as usual. The next year is obvious.

joe burns said...

Interesting year. Looking forward to 2010. !

Alex in Movieland said...

of course she did, how else it would've went?! :)
and such a juicy character, no doubt about it.