Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Final Conclusion - Best Actress 1977


The much anticipated ranking:

On the one hand, Shirley MacLaine's presence is not strong enough, doesn't fight against the weakness of the screenplay and she doesn't give the work of a lifetime. On the other hand, she has some very strong and well-acted scenes, which may not make up for the rest completely.

Marsha Mason may be neither amazing nor groundbreaking in The Goodbye Girl. She may not have huge dramatic moments or huge breakdown or even hysterical comedy, she gives one hell of a performance, which is entertaining, moving, lovely and so damn natural.
Anne still gives the best performance of her movie, adding real depth to the character of Emma. Although she doesn't have much screentime and that catfight scene was just not for her, I still appreciated this performance and I was certainly very impressed by Anne Bancroft.

People don't rave about this performance as much as they do about, say, Klute and They Shoot Horses... even though they should. It's one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking peformances every by this beautiful (who's never been more beautiful than here), superbly talented actress.
Some consider Diane Keaton's win for Annie Hall a love letter to Diane herself, the character and the movie and they think that the Best Actress Oscar win wasn't about the actual performance. While I agree with the first part, I still have to add something: her win and my review is indeed a love letter to Annie Hall (the character and the movie) and Diane Keaton's brilliant, hilarious, radiant, beautiful, heartbreaking, luminous, fantastic and unforgettable performance.

So I can proudly announce
that my winner is...
Diane Keaton
Annie Hall
La-di-da-la-di-da; la-la

Final thoughts: A great year. I did it probably because I wanted to write the 100th review about an iconic performance (Diane that is). I mean, this is not a legendary year but it's indeed special and I'm happy that I covered it. The ranking was the easiest one I've ever had to do and I don't think it's surprising at all (I knew it already before I started). The overall standard of the movies was rather high. Although I hated The Turning Point for the first time, I enjoyed it now. Same goes for the performances: I enjoyed all of them, some more and some less. Shirley was the weakest link though she wasn't bad. Anne and Marsha were great, Jane was fantastic and Diane is... All things considered, this year was lovely.

And the winner of the predicting contest is Louis Morgan. Congratulations! :-)

Omissions: I haven't seen Gena Rowlands in Opening Night, but she's said to be amazing. I should check that performance out. Also, Diane Keaton in Looking for Mr. Goodbar must be also great. Both sound interesting. But there's an unbelievable, unbeatable performance in a Hungarian movie given by one of my favorite actesses and that's Erzsi Pásztor in The Devil Beats His Wife. AMAZING. 

About the next year: I wanted to do 1964, but there's no The Pumpkin Eater, damn. However, it seems that I might get it (the chances are getting higher and higher, so keep your fingers crossed), so if I have it, I'll do it instead of this mysterious next year (I'll announce the next year when I'm sure and next weekend is gonna be about this year, so I have still some time to get The Pumpkin Eater). The other year came quite suddenly to me but it seems to be interesting. There's only one clue with the next year but a help: The main principle is simplicity.
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What do you think?

P.S.: Could anyone help me with getting Wild is the Wind, The Rainmaker or Some Came Running (any link is fine)? It's a shame but I can only do one year from the 50s (1950) and I promised myself to leave that one last.


Fritz said...

Great work and you love for Diane makes me love her even more! :-)

I guess the next year is 1991 because of Thelma and Louise? But I am not sure...

Fritz said...

Oh, and go to this guy's channel, he has the Pumpkin Eater:

dinasztie said...

Thank you. And thanks for the link. The videos have been deleted. I knew about that channel as I'd previously seen The Pumpkin Eater there. Last time I tried to watch a part and it was deleted. Thanks anyway.

Fritz said...

Sorry, I didn't notice that some were deleted. I only tried two and they worked.

Louis Morgan said...

I was right. Good job as usual. By the way Wild is the Wind is on Netflix for instant viewing.

dinasztie said...

Netflix is only for USA, if I know well, but thanks anyway. :)

Louis Morgan said...

Oh, sorry about that.

joe burns said...

Yay, we have the same ranking!

joe burns said...

I'll guess 91 as well by the way, though I'll check the Best Actress wikipedia page to make sure.

Anonymous said...

When someone talks about Best Actress ommissions in 1977, I think of both Shelley Duvall and Sissy Spacek in 3 Women.