Monday, February 28, 2011

Looking back, final thoughts, observations

About the show: It was so FAST and sometimes I just wasn't interested in it. Sometimes the suspense was not enough for me (though the Best Actress was a real nailbiter for me). I missed the great jokes though I think that both Anne Hathaway and James Franco were quite great hosts, especially Anne who was especially impressive. Thank God, they did not take the 45 second limit very seriously (though in one case they should have taken -45 seconds from that particular winner). It was particulary great to see Billy Crystal (why doesn't he host anymore). Personally (as a huge fan) I would love to see Ellen as a host again. The presenters were good, I especially enjoyed Dame Helen Mirren and Russel Brand. I was a bit sorry about Kathryn Bigelow. She seemed to be very nervous. She's not an actress after all. Steven Spielberg always does a good job at presenting Best Picture. BUT WHY THE HELL AREN'T THEY MORE CREATIVE ABOUT CHOOSING THE BEST PICTURE PRESENTER???!!! Jane Fonda, anyone? Diane and Jack were so great 4 years ago and something like that would be awesome.

About the winners: I was quite satisified by the winners. I don't really mind that The King's Speech won Best Picture, it's such a beautiful movie. However, that directing win was a bit much for me. It might be my snobism but Fincher was way more deserving, I think. The best speech was given by David Seidler.

The lowest point of the whole show (and the history of Oscar) was Melissa Leo's speech. She was so fake, tasteless and pretentious. She's a real asshole and that F-word was as unintentional as her ads. Damn, she was a disgrace. And when she took the cane of Kirk Douglas... Gosh I could have slapped Melissa on her stupid face.

Good news: There was one winner that I really-really wanted to win. I would have been satisfied even if she had been my only pick who won. Yeah, that's Natalie. She brought back the best things about this Best Actress category. Humble, lovely, emotional speech with tears, baby. Plus, she gave an amazing, fantastic performance. So yay for Natalie!

All things considered, this wasn't the worst Oscars ever but not the best one either. Some great moments here and there, three awesome wins and that's it. It was better than last year, I think.


Louis Morgan said...

I did in fact watch this one although a lot of the time with the sound off. I was right on my own predictions, and I knew seemingly contested categories really were not all that contested after all.

The only part I enjoyed all that much was I liked Kirk Douglas, but he was off set by obnoxious Melissa Leo, which was the first time I turned the sound off.

Overall predictable although many wins were deserving nonetheless. The only surprise I think was at all is the King's Speech did not received any bonus awards they like to give to the Best Picture winner. It reminded me why I usually do not watch the Oscars.

ThiagoTos said...

Hi Dinasztie!
I remember when you said Bening's chances were getting bigger and bigger and asked someone to tell you that Natalie would win. So, fortunately, the Academy made a good choice and Mrs. Beatty didn't have power enough to take that Oscar. Whatever, she's a good actress and I hope she deserve and get one soon.

IMO, Portman's performance joins to the hall where belong the performances by Jodie Foster, Charlize Theron and Marion Cottilard, and it is one of best things on this category in the last 20 years. I'm really happy for her. She's so pretty, classy, kind and honest and remembers those Golden times, beside Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts.

About the ceremony, beautiful, but boring. Sad...

Congrats for the blog, waiting for your great reviews.

joe burns said...

I agree totallyt here, except on Leo, who was weird, and annoying sure, but THAT much hate? And her swearing is fine to me. It's basically the same speech she's given all season.

Alex in Movieland said...

I thought Christian Bale gave quite a good speech. :)

also, Wally Pfister, which was a nice surprise for me :D as i love Inception, of course.