Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Time Has Come...

Well, it's not much left until the big awards, so it's time to share my thoughts with you all on the different categories (the major one). Just like last year, I won't make official predictions because every time I write them down somewhere they won't be great. So I keep them to myself, I'm just saying some thoughts on should win/could win in the most important categories.

Best Picture:
should win: Black Swan
thoughts: The King's Speech will quite probably will win this one. It's a great movie in my opinion though it's not something I would give a Best Picture award. I disliked The Social Network for the first time but it was great for the second time. It's not that much better than TKS, though. And it can still win, I think as it fits the latest Oscar winners better than The King's Speech. In my opinion, Toy Story 3 and Black Swan were the best movies.

Best Director:
should win: David Fincher - The Social Network
thoughts: Well, I almost said Aronofsky but Fincher's directing is fantastic. I really hope it wins as Fincher would deserve this award much more than Tom Hooper whose directing is nice but again, not worthy of the Oscar.

Best Actress:
should win: Natalie Portman - Black Swan
thoughts: I really told evetrything possible about this race, just see my reviews. Natalie MUST win in my opinion.

Best Actor:
should win: Colin Firth - The King's Speech
thoughts: I haven't seen Franco and Bardem but from what I have seen, Firth is the best though I must say that he IS overrated. He has this one in the bag no matter what I say.

Best Supporting Actress:
should win: Jacki Weaver - Animal Kingdom or Amy Adams - The Fighter
thoughts: I so hope that neither Melissa nor Hailee will win. They gave most certainly the two least interesting performances of the line-up. However, they still have the best chance of winning. Or not? I just can't see Leo holding an Oscar (or don't want to see). I would be happy if Helena won. She was so charming as The Queen Mother even though I wasn't that impressed by her for the first time. The two ladies who have the least chance of winning are the creme-de-la-creme. Both Jacki and Amy give fantastic supporting performances. I might slightly give the edge to Jacki but I think I'll end up switching my vote between them constantly. Still, somehow, deep inside I'm hoping that they watch the screeners of Animal Kingdom and they are amazed and vote for Jacki or that all the votes which Melissa lost went to Amy. I'll keep my fingers crossed for them.

Best Supporting Actor:
should win: Geoffrey Rush - The King's Speech
thoughts: I stand by this opinion. As an actor, Christian Bale is not even in the same league as Rush and the same goes for the performances. I was so amazed by Bale for the first time but for the second time, it seemed to be so obvious Oscar-baiting and even obvious acting. I really loved Rush's touching, funny performance as Lionel Logue, which was the best part of TKS. John Hawkes is also quite deserving though it won't happen. Ruffalo and Renner really don't matter, they are just fillers. It's sad that two filler performances took the nomination of Andrew Garfield.

Best Original Screenplay:
should win: The King's Speech
thoughts: The King's Speech deserves this one and will probably win.

Best Adapted Screenplay:
should win: The Social Network
thoughts: Despite my hatred for the first time, not I have to admit that Aaron Sorkin's script is the best one in years.

What do you think?


Brandon said...

I am SOOO hoping that Amy pulls off a miracle upset tonight because she really deserves it!!

dinasztie said...

I am too! Gosh, let's just send positive thoughts to her.

joe burns said...

I'll reveal my thoughts soon! v