Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Final Conclusion - Best Actress 2010


The much anticipated ranking:

I would be quite upset if Annette won in a shocker. Not because I hate her, I just don't feel that this is something that is worthy of an Oscar with such a competition. It's true that Bening has her great and memorable scenes, but this is not an amazing performance by any means. It's just very good, proper acting in a fine movie.

I can say that Nicole Kidman gave a very heartbreaking and beautiful performance as Rebecca Corbett. Although it did not blow my socks off, it was a very emotional and wonderful experience for me. Nicole approached this character very subtly and as a result, we got an excellent performance by her.

This was a very exceptional performance by a young actress, which may not be amazing or mindblowing for the first time but it's very intense and memorable work. Lawrence took the character of Ree Dolly and created a real character. I really appreciated this achievement because of its fierce nature.

This is a terrific, very unusual performance that is extremely memorable and haunting. Michelle Williams took a very ordinary character and made her something very interesting. It may not be for everyone, but it's surely breathtaking breathtaking once in a while. A real treat for Best Actress fans.

I can say that Natalie Portman, an actress whom a did not consider a real talent, kicks ass as Nina and gives a performance that has the strength of Mo'Nique in Precious, Marion Cotillard in La Vie en Rose. If she wins, it will be hard for the next winner to live up to the standard she showed. A terrifying, brilliant performance after which you feel being hit by a full-guided tour bus.

So I can proudly announce
that my winner is...
Natalie Portman
Black Swan
You won at least this one, Natalie! :D

Final thoughts: Wow, ranking is rarely so easy. I must say that this year is not THAT fantastic. Only Natalie and Michelle fall into that category. Nicole is very great, so is Jennifer, Annette is very good. I hope that if anyone upsets that will be Michelle or Nicole though that's almost impossible. Personally, I would hate a Bening win and her chances are getting bigger and bigger (please tell in the comments that Natalie will win). Sorry fans, I don't want to offend anyone but that performance was not something I would call the best. I really enjoyed this year anyhow.

Omissions: I can't think of any. Maybe Julianna Margulies in City Island though I would consider her supporting. Many say she's leading. I don't really mind the Moore snub. I feel, though, that the comparisions between Annette and Julianne are inevitable and that will take a lot of votes away from Annette.

And there's also a winner of the predicting contest: Malcolm, congratulations on your great predictions! :)

The ranking of the already reviewed years:
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About the next year: Wow, again, I couldn't decide so I let you decide, which should be my 20th reviewed year (I was thinking about 1968 as it's so historical, but I'd really like to do the other two, too). There's a poll on your right. Happy voting!

Note: Unfortunately I will have to create a new poll as I won't be able to do 1971, because Sunday, Bloody Sunday was removed from Youtube. Sorry to everyone who voted for that year. I included 1977 instead and there's a brand new poll.


Louis Morgan said...

Good work as usual. The winner was obvious, and although I was not as impressed by her she is definitely good.

I really doubt she will lose, many are still speculating on other acting upsets but there are too many winning streaks going on. The only one I really see having any chance to lose (although still likely to win) is Melissa Leo just because she is acting rather stupidly in her campaigning.

Anonymous said...

The racking is great! but I think you're too kind with your grades in general! I think your grades are sometimes too high! but I LOVE READING YOUR REVIEWS!!!

dinasztie said...

Anonymus: I know that, that's why I took 0,5 from some of the 5s. I should be much stricter, but if I love a performance, nothing can stop me from giving a good grade, I don't see a reason for giving less.:) And thanks, I love geting great feedback! :D

mrripley said...


dinasztie said...

mrripley: I'm happy that Annette has her support, but I don't think she's deserving. Sorry.

joe burns said...

Great. Knew Natalie would win, but I didn't expect Benning to get so low.

By the way, I saw Blue Valentine, and Williams's profile will be up soon.

I hope 64 is next.

dinasztie said...

Joe: I solemnly promise that if 1964 doesn't win, I'll do it after the winning year. :D

Joe said...

Michelle was the true winner here. She out shined EVERY other actress here. She is true talent. Portman was just the popular vote. And unfortunately that is what the Oscar's have become. here is my ranking
WINNER- Michelle Williams
Runner Up- Jennifer Lawrence
3rd- Natalie Portman
4th- Nicole Kidman
5th- Annette Benning

Anonymous said...

1. Jennifer Lawrence
2. Nicole Kidman
3. Michelle Williams
4. Annette Benning
5. Natalie Portman

I thought Portman was completely overrated.

Anonymous said...

Natalie Portman went on to win every major award for her performance; Academy Award, Golden Globe, BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild, and Critics Choice. And they all made the right decision. Natalie was the best hands down.