Saturday, November 21, 2009

Glenn vs Glenn

Who are the most evil and vicious female characters ever? Both were played by the brilliant Glenn Close, who should have received an Oscar for both or at least one of them (no offense to Cher and Jodie Foster fans because I loved their performances too, but I think Glenn was iconic in these roles) and they inspire such fear that you just cannot breathe. However, you cannot find two so different characters.
Alex from Fatal Attraction seems to be a sexy, self-confident and strong woman who knows what she wants (Michael Douglas XD), however she turns out to be a suicidal psycho, who's not afraid to do anything to get what she wants (again, Michael Douglas). So attention men: if you want to cheat on your wives watch Fatal Attraction before you do that XD. So in short: Glenn Close was brilliant. I especially love the very controversial ending and the rollercoaster scene with the little girl. Glenn is just chilling.
And here comes the next iconic character Marquise de Merteuil (arguably Glenn's best role). Now if you want to see the biggest bitch ever filmed watch Glenn in Dangerous Liaisons. Contrary to Alex in Fatal Attraction Marquise de Merteuil is a perfectly sane woman, who's as sharp as a razor and as intriguing and vicious as Hedda Hopper. She does not only want men, she HAS them. On the outside she seems to be a charming and very winning woman, but on the inside she's a rotten, backstabbing whore who drinks you're blood and then eats your heart while you're convinced that you are helped by her. She's intriguing purely for fun. She does not have feelings only desires and she only serves them.
To sum up Glenn is a genious and I really hope that one day she receives her much-deserved Oscar. To those who are news fans and have already seen these two films I also recommend to watch The Big Chill, The World According to Garp and of course at least the pilot episode of Damages.
And after all my pick: Marquise de Merteuil easily while I also loved Alex. But I was not surprised to see Alex win on a poll.

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joe burns said...

Haven't seen Fatal Attraction yet,but I think that Glenn should have won for Dangerous Liasons.