Saturday, November 14, 2009


The category is Best Supporting Actress and the year is 2008.
The nominees were:
• Amy Adams in Doubt
• Penélope Cruz in Vicky Cristina Barcelona
• Viola Davis in Doubt
• Taraji P. Henson in The Curious Case od Benjamin Button
• Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler

And my ranking is:
1. Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler: Her striptease scene itself deserved an Oscar, she's SOOOO sexy. When I was watching The Wrestler I was thinking how old she was and I thought 35-36 and then I found out that she was 45! And about her performance:-): It was so moving and deep. When she says "I'm here!", gosh it was really moving. My winner, definitely.
2. Penélope Cruz in Vicky Cristina Barcelona: When I realised that Marisa could not win, I started rooting for Penélope. She is worse only by a nose. She's hilarious, sexy, tragic and again hilarious. I love her accent, her brilliant line-reading, her madness, her wildness. Excellent and sometimes underrated performance.
3. Amy Adams in Doubt: Amy Adams is a great actress and Doubt is another proof. She gives an excellent performance as a naive nun who causes enormous trouble unintentionally (?). Or isn't Sister James as innocent as she seems to be?
4. Viola Davis in Doubt: I did not find this performance as deep as it's said to be. It's very showy and Davis nails the part, but I was not THAT amazed. She had a great effect on me, but nothing more. But isn't it enough? She was very worthy of that nomination nevertheless.
5. Taraji P. Henson in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: What was she doing? Well... nothing except screaming and asking Brad Pitt "How are you?". This is not Oscar-material. She really pales in comparison with her simply brilliant co-nominees.


joe burns said...

I completely agree with your opinion on Taraji. My ranking: 1.Tomei 2. Adams 3.Davis 4.Cruz 4.Henson

Fritz said...

I was extremly disappointed by Penelope's performance...she was not bad but I expected much more.

dinasztie said...

Yes, some people were disappointed, but I really loved her performance. I also loved her in Volver.

joe burns said...

I liked Cruz a lot,but I felt Tomei,Adams, and Davis were more deserving. I think that Volver is Cruz's best performance.