Saturday, November 21, 2009


The category is Best Picture and the year is 1996.
The nominees were:
• The English Patient WINNER
• Fargo
• Jerry Maguire
• Secrets and Lies
• Shine

My ranking is:
1. Secrets and Lies: This is by far one of the best films ever nominated. It's way ahead of any of the nominees ever since Cries and Whispers. Mike Leigh is a genious indeed and this movie is really depressing so make sure that you have a copy of Tootsie to watch after Secrets and Lies. And just one thing to add, oh no two things: Brenda Blethyn was robbed of an Oscar (she's way better than both Frances McDormand and Emily Watson who are extremely overrated both) and Timothy Spall should have received a nomination and an Oscar.
2. Fargo: If there's a word for Fargo here it is: overrated. And there's also another one: great. Although it's not as brilliant as many say it's still a brilliant, humorous and chilling film. No Country for Old Men is better though. But this is also a must-see movie.
3. The English Patient: It's really a David Lean movie even though it was made by Anthony Minghella. It's very beautiful, romantic, passionate and there are so many Hungarian things which I'm really proud of. So The English Patient is a treat to your instincts but it's not challenging at all for your mind.
4. Shine: Geoffrey Rush is in it for what 10 or 15 minutes, so leading my @ss, but he gave a beautiful, moving and IMO deserving performance. Armin Mueller-Stahl is great as well, but apart from the great performances, there's nothing really unforgetttable about it. It's just a very sad film, which is good to watch.
5. Jerry Maguire: This movie was nominated? CUBA GOODING JR. WON??!! WTF! The nominations for the film draw a big question mark in my head, but Jerry Maguire is far from bad: it's very enjoyable, funny and entertaining but far from Best Picture-material.


joe burns said...

I think that Fargo should have won Best Picture. It was a brilliantly made,written,and directed film. That said, I liked The English Patient and have no problem with it wining. My ranking would be:1. Fargo 2.The English Patient 3.Secrets And Lies 4.Jerry Maguire 5.Shine.

RC said...

Maguire being nominated is crazy, but this film had a freshness about it that has been copies, so now seems less fresh & just think how many movie lines are quoted from this film, and how many of these scenes have been "redone" in lesser films.