Saturday, November 28, 2009

Latest Oscar-hopeful seen: Precious: Based on the novel "Push" by Sapphire

Finally, I was able to watch Precious. If you had asked me which my most anticipated movie of the year was, I would have told you Nine and Precious. Now that I've seen the latter I can honestly, truly honestly that it's hands down the Best Picture I've seen this year. It has its flaws, it's not perfect, the dramatic tension is a tiny bit uneven, but it has such a huge emotional impact on you, that you will be left speechless.
It's a story about an overweight, illiterate and usually abused teenage girl (played by Gabby Sidibe), who has to deal with another pregnancy (since his father raped her many times) and go to an alternative school. Mo'Nique playes the couch potato and monsterous mother living on welfare, whose life is basically eating, watching TV and abusing Precious. However, with the help of a down-to-earth and firm teacher (Paula Patton) and a social worker (Mariah Carey), Precious might be able to become a someone stronger.
Now this movie is not for very sensitive people. It tough as hell, to watch a young girls misery, who gets raped by her own father. The fantasies of Precious where she's a huge and beloved star are extremely well-directed and written. Lee Daniels did a fantastic job this time, I think his nomination is secured, but I'm not sure if he's going to win. Same for the screenplay: it's wonderful, but again, I don't think that it has a a chance against the writing of Up in the Air (I haven't seen that film, but I know that the Academy is a huge sucker for dramedys in the screenplay categories).
The acting is superb: Gabby Sidibe is a fantastic discovery as she gives a very heartbreaking and surprisingly subtle performance as Precious. I'm quite concerned about her career because she's a natural talent, but I don't know what other roles would be appropraite for her talent. Her nomination is locked IMO, but I don't think she has a chance against the brilliant Oscar queen Meryl Streep or the fresh British face Carey Mulligan. We'll see.
And good news: Mo'Nique is going to win. There's no other option and it's alright. I don't think that anyone who watches this movie can vote for anyone else. She's simply unbelievable, her monologue at the social worker station is a heartbreaking, tearjerking, cathartic and deeply human ending to the movie. I was literally speechless after that scene.
The rest of the cast is also very good but this is the movie of Sidibe and Mo'Nique.
And for the Best Picture category: I think it has an excellent chance of winning at the moment, but I have to see the other hopeful to decide. Nevertheless, this was a great film with small flaws.
My grade: 9/10 Member of the must-see category
Possible Nominations: Best Picture, Best Director (Daniels), Best Actress (Sidibe), Best Supporting Actress (Mo'Nique), Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Editing and maybe Best Cinematography
My wins: Now I can only say Mo'Nique (she's THAT great), because I haven't seen the other movies.


Anonymous said...

We are totally on the same page! :)

I think Gabby will have a career like Whoopi. She'll have to branch out in screenplays to become a star.

joe burns said...

I hope Gabby wins.