Friday, November 13, 2009


The category is Best Supporting Actor and the year is 1976. Oh damn, this was such a strong year! For Best Picture, Actor, Actress and Supporting Actress. But the Best Supporting Actor field? Incredibly weak. But, the nominees were:
• Ned Beatty in Network
• Burgess Meredith in Rocky
• Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man
• Jason Robards in All the President’s Men
• Burt Young in Rocky

So, my ranking is:
1. Jason Robards in All the President's Men: I really enjoyed this performance. It's not THAT great but very good. I think in such a weak year Robards was the perfect choice for that Oscar. But the film itself is really a must-see one.
2. Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man: This is only a should-see film. Olivier was memorable in it but does he do anything more than sayin "Is it safe?". He was very scary, but again, nothing really special.
3. Burgess Meredith in Rocky: Well, he could have been my choice, if he had more screentime because what I saw from him really suggested me that he could have given one hell of a performance if his character had more to do. He has one very moving scene though.
4. Ned Beatty in Network: I did not get the point of this performance. It's not that he has very limited screentime, because there's Beatrice Straight who was simply brilliant, Beatty simply did not stay in my mind. His co-stars stole the movie from him.
5. Burt Young in Rocky: Hmmm... This performance was a big... nothing. I just did not like him very much and I don't think that he was deserving of a nomination. There was nothing about his performance that said to me 'Oscar!'

So what's your opinion? Don't you agree? Or do you? Tell me in your COMMENTS!:-)

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